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Overtime to lose, why let rookie "pay" the people of the world – Sohu of science and technology in September 23rd, Tmall supermarket issued a "rookie" alliance on time of the announcement, the announcement said, September 23rd -28, rookie alliance in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other more than 10 first-tier cities to achieve the day or the next day. In addition to Tmall supermarket, Juhuasuan will also participate in the 28 day -29 on time to activities. According to the announcement of the statement, once the delivery time, the user can enjoy the benefits of a single payment or exemption. Interesting is that this announcement is the background of Cao Cao. Take "Cao Cao said to Cao Cao," and "I would rather the world, not the world negative me," these two allusions, the announcement of the call in the rookie League on time, I am not allowed to pay the world’s people, the people of the world in". Cao Cao’s performance in the poster quite contrast Meng funny. This year, more and more big rookie, the overtime free single and overtime payment service, can see more development speed and rookie future ambitions. The National Day put the big move, why choose the rookie League Rookie League the good day activity time is just a week before the national day. Pick this good day, there may be a deep intention behind. Because every year before the National Day holiday is mostly a large number of user hoarding, the peak of the purchase of goods, electronic business platform will usher in a wave of consumption before the National Day holiday. In addition, in September 23rd this year, the opening time of lake or the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Users in such a period of time in the holiday consumption desire, and it is important, because of the holiday factors, this time the user will have a high demand for logistics, before the national day all procurement of goods all in place. In such a rookie League time to push overtime free single and overtime payment service, it is learned that the user needs at this time, pinch a user’s "seven inch", hope that through such a service, to strengthen the consumer’s mind, the inherent concept gradually twisted user self the same day, the next day to the electricity supplier. Allow users to gradually realize that Tmall Taobao shopping can also enjoy the fastest and most punctual logistics experience. Tmall supermarket and Juhuasuan order volume, huge volume, the introduction of late on the loss of service, which in fact also shows a rookie League confidence in their own logistics and distribution capabilities. In fact, not only in the national day, in July this year, -9 months of business super war, rookie has repeatedly involved "show muscles, organize similar activities, let the logistics speed, so that consumers gradually aware of Tmall Taobao logistics speed. At the beginning of September, and was also rookie Tmall supermarket launched promotional activities. With the super hot war, the role played by the rookie will gradually increase. In the future, it can be said that this show muscle type activities may be more in the future, or even become a normal. Show muscle is the norm, fast logistics or Taobao all day cat killer rookie alliance so quickly, but it is still a great relationship and Ali in the logistics level input. And this kind of investment.相关的主题文章: