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Overseas Chinese Jiang Dawei in concert China encourage Sohu to serve the motherland emotional entertainment   Jiang Dawei sang Sohu entertainment new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, 21:30 Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast, and at the same time in the country more than a dozen ground channel in Chongqing Hangzhou West Lake pearl fashion channel, channel, Jiangsu arts channel, Shaanxi life channel, Hebei TV channel, Fujian city channel, Henan TV channel, Wuhan sports channel, Shandong channel, Sichuan women’s life channel synchronous broadcast. This program ushered in the guest is evergreen, Chinese pop singer Jiang Dawei teacher. In the period of "hidden" singer of the 2 program, Mr. Jiang Dawei revealed the classic songs sung on both sides of the Changjiang River "where" the untold story behind the scene, and share their overseas performances mood. Jiang Dawei picked up a song "where is the road to save the" inactive "journey to the west" in most of the 90’s impression, Jiang Dawei teacher is often closely linked with the classic TV series — the CCTV version of "journey to the west", the thought of Jiang teacher thought of "where" the first household songs, because every year the "journey to the west" will meet with you in the summer vacation of cctv. In this program, Mr. Jiang Dawei and several other imitation portrait together sang the theme song, arouse the audience of the agglutination of the childhood memories of countless TV audience singing together with Miss hum. At the end of the concert, Jiang teacher talked about the origin of the song, actually broke this is actually a song picked up. The original "journey to the west" theme song was not by teacher Jiang concert, by chance, Jiang teacher audition this song "dare to go", it is also the unintentional audition, Mrs. Jiang Dawei and "journey to the west" from closely together. The song composer Xu Jingqing on the phone to listen to the teacher Jiang audio, erhuamoyue immediately agreed to, then the "journey to the west" director Yang Jie after listen to, also moved to tears, they think this song finally found the most suitable host. At the time of the "journey to the west" is not ideal because the music has stopped, finally is the teacher Jiang song "where" saved "journey to the West". This part consists of four Chinese masterpiece adapted into a TV series finally able to walk into every household, can be popular on both sides of the Changjiang River lastingachievements, Jiang Dawei teacher! Overseas Chinese Jiang Dawei Chinese in concert with "emotional encouragement to serve the motherland China Pavarotti" said the teacher Jiang Dawei also enjoys a high reputation in the overseas, there have been several overseas concert experience. This program, Jiang teacher on the field to the audience to share their overseas performances of mind, deep patriotism shows between the lines. Miss Jiang said, in 1993 he went to the United States show, was sitting under the stage of many China students, official performance in a foreign country, Jiang teacher saw these compatriots feel very excited, with completely different emotional singing "where is the road", sings very passionate, after singing in tears. After the concert, Jiang da!相关的主题文章: