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The law if passed, thousands of private schools every day without the original title: This Law Regulations by tens of thousands of private school day could not before | glacier observation of the dragon tree source: public number "glacier think tanks" to cut the name of tax increases, in order to protect the name of the killing, new ways now is to promote the slogan to let you die. You’re killed, but it’s none of your business. Now, Beijing is the three trial of the draft amendments to the law on the promotion of private education. The draft name looks very warm, very positive energy, it can give the private education Chinese brought the spring, however, because of the increase of a "private schools" profit shall not set up the implementation of compulsory education, it may make private education to advance into the cold winter. In order to promote or stifle the absurd reality in the private education is always unexpected. It is said that such a ridiculous requirement is because some members of the Standing Committee, the local and the public, in the field of compulsory education, should be limited to the establishment of for-profit private schools. At the same time, this is also the meaning of the Ministry of education. Therefore, our legislature after a number of studies (do not know what to do the investigation, what research), the increase of such a provision: the establishment of compulsory education should not be established for-profit private schools." If this provision is adopted, means that the major cities and even a large number of small and medium-sized cities of private schools, noble schools, may not be able to do. Your child wants to go to a bilingual school. There are only two ways to go to a private school after a noble school. A "bright road" is to carry forward the love, the school into a non-profit public education institutions. However, do not make money who will do, and how to do it for a long time? Another way is to register the school as a for-profit organization, but will not be able to recruit primary and secondary school students. Private education will find that in the future we can only grab the high school students, but also to teach a large number of primary and secondary teachers cut off, and then re recruited a group of teachers. The competition intensifies, sharply reduce the number of students, income avalanche, transformation cost is huge, private schools all die. So, this one meaning if it is private education the injunction is tantamount to declaring China private or private school called the death penalty, to promote the development of private education, private education is actually to the neck of the rope. Tens of millions of students directly from now on, we may not see what astronomical school news, however, hundreds of millions worried about the child lost at the starting line of Chinese parents how to do? Chinese people attach great importance to education, and parents are the most willing to invest in education. In the case of China and the growth of East Asia’s economic miracle, Professor Zhu, a professor at CEIBS, has an important reason for the importance of traditional culture. Now, China’s parents have more and more money, but once the country let you have no money to spend, it is extremely painful and absurd things. China’s traditional education policy on education is never an industry problem, but a social problem. Teach Wei相关的主题文章: