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On the production inspection, mothers should be aware of these – Sohu maternal and child on the production inspection when the seizure? Check which items? Both are trying to prepare pregnant or have made a good pregnancy pregnant you must understand the relevant knowledge check in advance, ready to work as soon as possible, otherwise missed the examination project time will be very troublesome, but also virtually increases the risk to the unborn baby. The first check: the establishment of 10-13 weeks of pregnancy [check] project of maternal and Child Health Handbook, pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, heart and lung auscultation, eugenics counseling, nutritional counseling and evaluation, pelvic measurement, gynecological examination, obstetrical examination, urine routine, blood routine, blood protein electrophoresis, G6PD (detection of glucose 6- phosphate dehydrogenase the activity of HIV, RPR), +BV (leucorrhea determination of bacterial vaginosis sialidase), eugenic five, trace elements, phase I, TCT Down’s screening and blood coagulation four, thyroid function five, glycosylated hemoglobin, fasting blood sugar, anemia, three obstetric ultrasound (11-14W NT), electrocardiogram. [tips] the first time to do the inspection of the project to do the most, which is in order to fully check the health of the prospective mother. Check with your father and learn about the health of you and his immediate family members. People who keep pets at home will increase their parasites. Early pregnancy has done the inspection project, you can not repeat the inspection. Second check: 15-18 weeks of pregnancy [PROJECT] birth weight and blood pressure, uterine height, abdominal circumference, genetic consulting, blood type, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, renal function, five, three, two semi hepatitis B hepatitis C, hepatitis E virus antibody, blood glucose, phase II Down’s screening (14-21W) TPO (anti thyroid peroxidase antibody), Doppler listen to fetal heart [Second] reminder of check, the most important item is down’s screening, do down’s screening check before 12 pm the day after the ban of food and water, the morning of the second day of fasting to the hospital for examination. In addition, the examination also with the menstrual cycle, weight, height, accurate gestational age, gestational age related to the size, it is best to consult other preparatory work before the examination. "Tang screen" and "sugar screen" silly points not clear? "Tang screen" is the fetal Down syndrome screening, you can not fasting, and "Tang screen" different, sugar screen is the investigation of gestational diabetes, usually in 24 weeks to do, need fasting for 12 hours. If there are doubts or not clear, or to ask the doctor Oh ~ third birth: 20-24 weeks of pregnancy [PROJECT] check blood pressure, weight, fundal height, abdominal circumference, heart rate, fetal ultrasound screening of fetal malformation (20 – 24 weeks), urine routine. [Third] the most important reminder check project is the ultrasound screening for fetal malformation, ultrasound during pregnancy 20-24 weeks (more than 26 weeks less than 28 weeks can also check, but pregnant weeks, fetal ultrasound examination results of individual organs may not clear), mainly to see whether there are appearance of fetal development a big problem. The doctor will carefully measure the fetus’s head相关的主题文章: