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Note: the teacher poured gasoline teenager father – often skipping chain around the Beijing Youth Daily China? Youth online reporter Yuan Yichen Li Dong began to grow restless. It is for the door locked, windows have been issued to tighten CICI’s sound, he was at heart. Finally, from the corner of the house pulled out a nearly two meters long iron chain, the only son of the age of 13 firmly tied to the bed, he can go out to work. The 36 year old father could not think of any other way to discipline his son. Two months ago in the middle of the night, Xiao Wu son in front of a community of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Jinchuan County, a bottle of gasoline spilled from a passing young female teacher Yang Dongling, firelight and screams, Xiao Wu robbed the female teachers of Apple Mobile phone. Yang Dongling burns serious, up to standard, was diagnosed with severe burns. How to deal with this is not up to the age of criminal responsibility, is a headache problem. Li Dong can only take home takeshi. This lay bricks for a living middle-aged man rushed away all the tools at home, including ladder and rope etc.. He couldn’t help thinking, "the son will try to escape, as usual, the son would put him on the wall of the ladder, take out its own story, risked falling from a height of 3 meters, the top floor fled to a neighbour’s house, and then fled to the town of big and small buildings, tea the cafe and billiard room. He emptied the closet, closet, and even did not dare to leave a cell phone. He saw my son angry, because the key problems, the 12 year old son jiaozhaoya bitter to buy a new mobile phone to hit the ground to a mobile phone shell, para, rotten, broken screen, battery farther away. The last two years, he has been afraid of listening to the words of his son from others mouth". The school is sometimes called, said his son played truant again. Sometimes anxious mother, crying and saying that the doll ran away from home. The most let him lose is the Public Security Bureau, theft, gambling, fighting, these words a jump out, Li Dong tears, the heart to the throat, the words are not show out. It seems that only this silver – coated iron chain, to alleviate the anxiety of the father. In the past to the son of a chain, Li Dong thought, he will give a jump quickly his son put new clothes, bags and more stable life. He wants children to study hard, don’t go his own way, "good reading, like his dad three, sitting in the office". But at the other end of the chain, Takeshi head buried very deep, bow back, a few days do not wash the T-shirt and shorts, not to utter a single word. Across the table, sitting on the diagonal Xiaowu farthest from the father. A whole afternoon don’t say a word, only in his father’s command and questioning voice, "ah" "Oh" response. He said he had forgotten what day he would never want to talk to his father again. In 2008, Li Dong and his wife after the divorce, Xiao Wu’s mother began bursts from the school to pick up his small Wu excitedly to go, but found the mother filled and frolicking in a smoke. These "adults" in front of him without scruple to smoke, drink, play mahjong相关的主题文章: