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Not only the electric game competition! Change the VR treadmill fitness experience Author: Gong Meilin, a new study shows that virtual reality (VR) technology is combined with the treadmill will help reduce the elderly or patients with movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease) in people at risk of falls. This kind of VR treadmill can be used in the gym, rehabilitation center or nursing home, help the elderly continue to adjust the pace, improve the safety of walking. It is said that VR technology applies not only to the game it is possible to boost competition power, to promote the development of the treadmill industry, bringing a new "health run" experience for the user. People use VR mobile platform as a displacement input device, the first is to use the game to enhance the user experience of the game. Such as "battlefield 3", "CS", "GTA5" and other games support VR device interaction. Some manufacturers including ODT we have seen release compatible with the existing game demo video, the principle is the mobile game player ODT sensor to capture into keyboard commands (WSAD) or universal handle (Xbox handle) the left joystick command to do work on the existing game support. Better to let VR technology to play its advantages, people began to expand its use. In this context, VR treadmill gradually come to people’s eyes. So, what is the VR treadmill? It is a popular translation of Omni-directional-treadmill (ODT), and Omni-directional-treadmill, Omni-directional is omnidirectional, universal meaning. Treadmill in English can refer to the well-known fitness treadmill, also refers to any device that allows people to move in situ. Such devices in the West actually have a more academic name, called locomotion device (displacement device), such as Virtuix Omni, KAT SPACE, etc.. They all belong to the Locomotion Device, if the VR treadmill in accordance with the function and the academic definition accurately translated into Chinese words, VR can be understood as a virtual reality treadmill, universal mobile platform, VR universal mobile platform. The essence of VR is to simulate all the senses of human beings, the VR treadmill is a virtual reality universal action platform. Compared to the boring exercise in the gym, VR treadmill can bring more interesting exercise. VR treadmill breaks through the limitations of time and space to achieve outdoor experience of different scenes of exercise. VR treadmill such products more emphasis on interactivity, can achieve many people in the same scene interactive exercise. Compared with the ordinary treadmill, it is more secure, because the structure of the device itself, better able to prevent people from accidents during exercise. VR can help users solve the problem of the treadmill fell and hit the wall. At present, the company engaged in the development of VR treadmill in the world’s more well-known there are three, namely, the United States Virtuix, Austria’s Cyberith and China’s KAT VR. In addition, B.相关的主题文章: