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The Nobel prize for literature more than a bunch of fans   Bob? Dylan, surprise – Sichuan channel — a poetic original title: Bob? Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature in Sweden Stockholm local time at 1 p.m. on October 13th, announced the 2016 Nobel prize in literature, American folk poet Bob Dylan won the award?. This year’s Nobel prize in literature beyond all expectations lively, first is the day before, it was announced that Adonis; last night, there are a lot of media should be music or literature line line reporter reporter to write the manuscript, and a "swing" — because, in the eyes of many people, especially the 70 after 80, young man, Bob? Dylan’s prefix is "folk singer"! Indeed, there is no precedent in the history of the Nobel prize for literature, the scene took the award words — to create a new form of poetry in the great American tradition of song. The newspaper’s chief reporter newspaper reporter Zheng Lin Wang Zhan this year’s prize start peace, should be the first Thursday in October announced, dragged on for a whole week, is said to be the judges very tangled (after the results, we believe that this is not an excuse). 20 hours before the official announcement, there is a micro signal from the media in advance of the announcement of the Syria poet Adonis award, but also immediately followed by other numbers. But on the last night of Nobel announced a few minutes ago, twitter should also turn up the same goal: Adonis award. In fact, prior to the preparation of materials, many reporters were betting on Adonis, everyone according to the push button, the official website of the Nobel Prize winners are announced: American folk Godfather Bob Dylan?. From the official website of the live broadcast, when announcing the prize, the Swedish Academy reporter came cheers. Bob – Dylan’s award, breaking the tradition of the literary tradition of the award of the Chinese, the tradition is that the winner is based on the award of the books published by him. Bob Dylan’s prize winning history, as in the year of the World War II Memoirs of the World War II, with the philosophy of the award-winning works of the same book, as in the works of the World War II, the world war ii. New York Times released the news last night, and said, this is a lapse of 23 years, and an American award, Bob, before being not optimistic about the." The network nature of the bombing, many circle of friends broke piece: "Bob? Dylan won the Nobel Prize, Haruki Murakami Grammy from far away?" "Bob, who won a gold medal in the Grammys, the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the Chinese and the Chinese and the World War II, was awarded an award for the Olympic Games." the Golden Globe, the award of the World War II, and the World War II, the Golden Globe Award, the Pulitzer and the prize in the literature of the Chinese people’s republic." Carnival Carnival, no matter how surprised people, Bob, whether as a musician, poet, or anything else, the impact of the West are unmatched in the. In 2004, Dylan spent 3 years out in the typewriter "memoir Chronicles: Volume One" (also known as "like a rolling stone") published the book reveals him as a poet and essayist. The book went into the New York Times’s best seller list for 19 weeks, and was named the best book of the year by dozens of the world’s media". Bob early in 1971, Dylan published a book? Super realism novel "tarantula". 200)相关的主题文章: