Ningbo young female tenant is taking a bath under the door suddenly into a mobile phone wharfedale

Ningbo young female tenant is taking a bath under the door suddenly into a mobile phone to bathe in half, suddenly found the door quietly drilled a mobile phone. The day before yesterday evening, Ms. Lee, who lives in Ningbo Yinzhou Zhonggongmiao Street encounter such a disgusting thing. The bath process was found to have photographed more than 20 year old Lee temporary Zhonggongmiao street of a small group of renters, the house was divided into five or six small rooms, Ms. Lee lived in one room, the bathroom is shared by the tenants. More than 7 15 in the evening, Ms. Lee in the bathroom, wash half, inadvertently found feet like a foreign body, looking down, she was so scared: the bathroom door below the gap turned into a mobile phone. "I was inside the bath, saw a mobile phone to take pictures, I saw a bow." Ms. Li subconsciously quickly shouted, while mobile phone owner seems to be her scream frightened, holding a mobile phone slipped. Subsequently, Ms. Lee dressed out the door, this group of renters besides her a man, the other insisted that no candid behavior. In desperation, Ms. Lee will alarm. Male tenant said my impulse Zhonggongmiao police station duty police immediately rushed to the scene. This place is about 100 square meters of the house was divided into several rooms, living in several people, environmental chaos. Public toilet only a simple wooden door, beneath a rotting void, easily outside can get into the mobile phone to take pictures. The police on the spot for preliminary examination for the presence of men’s mobile phone, and found no suspicious video or photos, then the police the man back to the police station for further questioning. Upon inquiry, the man finally admitted their candid behavior. He said it was originally intended to take a shower, to the door and found the man, then impulsively took out the door gap along the mobile phone camera, was found, panic he hastened to delete the relevant photos and videos. At present, this is the police for further processing, the man may face security detention punishment.

宁波年轻女租客正在洗澡 门下突然钻进一部手机洗澡洗到一半,突然发现门缝下悄悄钻出一部手机。前天晚上,家住宁波鄞州钟公庙街道的李女士遇到了这么一档恶心事。洗澡过程中发现有人偷拍20多岁的李女士暂住钟公庙街道某小区一间群租房内,房子被隔成五六个小间,李女士住在其中一间,卫生间是租客们共用的。15日晚上7点多,李女士在卫生间洗澡,洗到一半时,无意间发现脚边貌似有异物,低头一瞧,她吓得花容失色:卫生间门下方空隙处竟然伸进来一部手机。“我正在里面洗澡,就看见一个手机在拍照,我一低头就看到了。”李女士下意识连忙大喊,而手机主人似乎被她的尖叫声吓住了,拿着手机溜了。随后,李女士穿好衣服夺门而出,此时群租房里除了她以外还有一名男子,可对方一口咬定,根本没有偷拍行为。无奈之下,李女士便报警求助。男租客说自己一时冲动钟公庙派出所值班民警立即赶到现场。这处100平方米左右的房子被隔成几个房间,住了好几个人,环境混乱不堪。公共卫生间只有一扇简易木门,门下方有一个腐烂空隙,人在外面很容易就能把手机塞进来拍照。民警当场对在场男子手机进行初步检查,并没有发现可疑视频或照片,随后民警将该男子带回派出所做进一步询问。经询问,男子最终承认了自己的偷拍行为。他说当时原本是打算去洗澡的,到门口发现里面有人,于是一时冲动便拿出手机沿着门下缝隙拍照,被发现,慌乱之下他赶紧删除了相关照片和视频。目前此事警方正在进一步处理当中,该名男子可能面临治安拘留的处罚。相关的主题文章: