Ningbo will open three bus routes which can go to the botanical garden of the

Ningbo will open three bus lines to the 37 road to the botanical garden, reporters yesterday from the Ningbo Public Transport Management Bureau, September 22nd will open a new 37 Road, 346 Road, 185 Road, three bus lines to solve public botanical garden, Yu Road surrounding travel problems. 37 road bus lines, the first time the last bus to the bus to the exhibition center station camel camel Road Station: bus station of origin center the first 6:30, 18:20 in the last bus; Exhibition Road station does the first 6:45, 18:20 last, the entire 17.7 km). Set along the site: Jinhua road Jingyuan Road, Zhenhai public service center, Yong Ping Road, Yong Ping Road, West River Road South Jinhua Road, Qin Hu, park, plant Jiaochuan academy, Zhenhai Vocational Education Center, a road, dragon road, the old temple (the city bus company), Poplar Road intersection, Jiangnan Water Gate Branch Road, Xinhui Road, three-dimensional technology company, sailing down, Heqing Road Road intersection, Heqing road thoroughfare: Heqing road exhibition intersection, East Road, Ning up city administrative center (service), Fu Qing Bei Lu Min An East Road up. 346 road bus station to joint halfway Pavilion (track hole Pu station) bus line first and last time: bus station does the first 6 joint, the last 22; halfway Pavilion (track hole Pu station) originating in the first and last 6:35, 22:35, the entire 15.2 km). Along the way to set up the site: flowers market south, Xi Sheng community, camel street, Rong Luo Road, camel industrial zone, Luo Xing homes, West Gate West River Park, Zhenhai public service center, poly City, Qin Hu, park, plant Jiaochuan academy, Zhenhai Vocational Education Center, a dragon road, intersection, bus station: Yi Jiang Village, Pu Park, hole up. 185 Road, Jin Yuan road bus station – bus station last time: Jin Yuan Xue Road station the first 5:45, the last 19:00; Xue station first 6:30, the last 19:40. The bus stops along the way: Jin Yuan Road station, fire station, pan Jin Yuan Road, Jin Yuan road and the intersection of the intersection, Rong Anxiang Park East (peiluocheng Plaza), sea road, Tung Yu mouth Yinxian Avenue District, Siming Road intersection, the road intersection, Spring City Siming innovation and four Ming Road intersection, Jinwan China Science and technology the court, Huatai Cambridge two, Grand Skylight, Siming Road intersection, Wanda Plaza in Tiantong, east down town garden, and state building, LITE-ON Road, LITE-ON Road, Jiangning Su Zhou Yunting Road, Shangri-La city garden, Yin Jiang Lu Yin Feng Road, Yin Jiang road three city Road, Yu Lu Yu Lu Li Yuan Road intersection, the pines mouth, Yu Road intersection, hav’e access Tongda Road intersection, West Lake garden, Ningbo Meteorological Center, West passenger passenger station, Lijia bridge, South Road, village, Xue Xue Xue bus station.相关的主题文章: