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"Next life also do my dad" which Like Wang joined the drama – Like Wang Like Wang entertainment Sohu tender beautiful photo Sohu entertainment starring "oxygen goddess" Like Wang "city emotional drama also do your dad" next life today in Jiangxi TV prime time broadcast, and landing Hubei TV prime time on November 10th, warm heart drama double platform at the same time broadcast, to create the most touching story of emotional warmth. Among them, the "oxygen goddess" King force available impeccable acting and smart appearance shape of the three-dimensional moving role, also increasingly attracted the expectations of the audience, the goddess of the new oxygen again, again to impress the audience. "Next life also do my dad" prime time broadcast cross platform   "oxygen goddess" Like Wang family "interpretation of moving oxygen goddess" Like Wang drama "next life also do my dad tonight" will visit Jiangxi TV prime time, and broadcast on Hubei TV prime time on November 10th, the cross platform of satellite TV film. The play by the Xi’an Qujiang Film Investment Group Limited, Chinese media group, Shenzhen Oriental Investment Company jointly produced a sere, the strength to send Yan Yuanhouyong, Like Wang, Lawrence Ng and Li Lin performed together, strong production team and cast to the attention continued to rise, and record the ground channel record good reputation. Oxygen goddess Like Wang joined, adding more highlights for this drama, oxygen goddess and the role of the collision of the play, but also let the audience look forward to full, bringing fans a lot of surprises. This movie with the delicate feelings of warmth drama captured the hearts of the audience, the actor’s portrait interpretation into strong sense. The story begins from the previous generation, the protagonist in the fall in love and moral choice, full of dramatic plot, highlighted the feelings of father daughter. In tracing the Shanghai plot copy from rolia touched people’s hearts. "Oxygen goddess" Like Wang drama about a lot of excellent works of   "next life also do my dad" buzz topic craze has an excellent temperament and image, the audience was called "oxygen goddess" Like Wang not only looks tall, as an actor, can control the different types of roles, it is made of the best perfect acting again give the audience. Her character, always with her vivid image and belongs to the actor peerless talent to make the audience unable to stop. The next life also do my dad, this drama, to bring the audience a variety of moving and surprise, but also let Like Wang harvest more praise and affirmation. Audience, fans of the show’s expectations, but also higher and higher. "Different town" in code spider killer, and harmless to humans and animals, and indifferent, Like Wang’s interpretation of what Xiaozhen, let people remember the special time in killing decisive person; "sharp domineering female instructor team" anti-terrorism special warfare Condor, strong warm feelings and feelings more vulnerable, in blood; just in Yunnan TV hit "warriors of the city", and Zhong Hanliang played Freemasonry Midian daughter, wrote a song of war. Walk in a variety of roles, she let the audience full of oxygen. For her new drama, also responded with great enthusiasm and.相关的主题文章: