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The new energy vehicles in the future how to "play"   will improve the access threshold – Finance – new energy vehicles in the future how to "play" the? Reporter He Xiaoliang Chinese for new energy vehicles, although the industry’s history is not long, but almost every day to face the question and choose the new. In the just concluded 2016 China’s auto industry development (TEDA) forum, participants again around the next phase of the development of new energy vehicles discussed. Representatives from the Ministry of industry, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other government departments, the release of a number of supply side management signals. There are indications that China’s new energy vehicles will usher in major changes in the rules. Really let the market as the old industry is still at the peak of emerging industries, the development of new energy vehicles in the history of subsidies is undoubtedly the most important keywords. In the huge subsidies under the support of new energy automotive industry in our country from scratch, and gradually expand production and sales from less than 500 before 2009 to 2015 reached 350 thousand units, since 2016, continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. However, in recent years, the outbreak of the cheat fill event, but so that the new energy vehicles in the hearts of the general public in this fragile image, suffered a serious blow. At the same time responsible for illegal enterprises, the competent authorities have also recognized the root cause of the problem lies in the existence of loopholes in the policy can drill. One of them is that the subsidy is high and easy to get. Statistics show that from 2013 to 2015, the central government allocated subsidies, incentive funds 28 billion 444 million yuan. Local financial assistance funds from 2013 to 2015 totaled about 20000000000 yuan. Central and local subsidies totaling 48 billion 444 million yuan. Some media statistics, which means that China’s new energy vehicles per average subsidy of 115 thousand yuan, about $18 thousand and 600. The United States from March 2010 to June 2016 for 153 thousand new energy vehicles tax rebates totaling $326 million, an average of $2 thousand and 100 per new energy vehicle tax rebate of $. China’s subsidies for new energy vehicles is 9 times the United States, the amount of subsidy is too high. Song Qiuling, deputy director of the Ministry of economic construction of the Ministry of Finance said at the forum, in addition to fraud, the promotion of new energy vehicles, there are other problems. Currently included in the energy saving and new energy vehicles in the catalog of models to promote a total of 3411 models, but the output reached more than 1000 vehicles not more than 100. Among them, 227 passenger car models, the output of more than 1000 vehicles in only about 43. Data show that China’s car prices in order to get high subsidies, subsidies in accordance with the "standard system" big new energy vehicles, so, although to achieve the subsidy standards, but in the security problem and the comprehensive performance appeared defects. Financial support for new energy vehicles, the central government will be driven from the policy driven to market driven change. Song Qiuling said at the meeting: "the subsidy policy, the Ministry of finance will establish the selection and elimination mechanism, improve the technical threshold, strengthen the subsidy policy on positive incentives to promote technological progress; while the implementation of subsidy policy back slope, increase enterprise to the market to survive)相关的主题文章: