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Nearly half of the pharmaceutical industry rose nearly three times the Nuggets theme Fund – fund channel nearly six months of the pharmaceutical industry rose nearly three times the market. As of September 9th, CITIC pharmaceutical index rose 20.51% over the past 6 months, while the Shanghai Composite Index rose only 7.56%. Pharmaceutical theme funds led by the industry index, the performance is also quite eye-catching, the average rose 16.49% in June, staged a wave of taking medicine quotes". Review of historical data, it is not difficult to find that the phenomenon of medical index outperform the market is not occasional. Since the beginning of 2006, the Shanghai Composite Index rose about 165%, while the pharmaceutical index rose nearly 11 times, far more than the average level of other industries. According to Taurus financial network data statistics, as of press time ago, the market has set up a total of 48 pharmaceutical medical theme fund. Among them, the number of accounts since 2014 accounted for nearly 70%, in addition to the central European health is being raised. From the scale of the fund, the total size of the pharmaceutical theme fund reached 61 billion 247 million yuan. Among them, huitianfu medical service scale of more than 17 billion 100 million yuan, the foreign government of Thailand medical and health and medical care huitianfu scale in more than 4 billion yuan, the medical theme fund market remarkable. From the performance point of view, the establishment of the first medical theme fund is a long letter health care industry, founded in March 26, 2010, the cumulative yield of 60.41% over the same period, the CSI index rose only 2.75%. Currently there are 32 fund companies involved in the medical theme army. Among them, huitianfu fund was established in 4, the largest number; GF fund and Penghua Fund was established 3; other fund companies are only set up 2 or 1. According to different investment strategies, can be roughly divided into 20 passive index type and 28 active stocks or mixed type, the average rate of return of the fund has reached more than two months in the past 6 months, the gap is not large. Based on the performance is UBS SDIC medical insurance industry, medical health and medical health investment, Shanghai and Hong Kong, nearly half of the gains were 33.01%, 27.09% and 24.22%; and this year the poor performance is financing the health care industry and yifangda healthcare, fell more than 20%. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the medical and health market has entered a stage of rapid development. Since this year, was sold from early January to Post Bar hemophilia Baidu, May formal business department of Putian hospital has repeatedly been exposed, attracted public attention and sparked heated debate. As early as 2013 the State Council proposed to the total size of the health care industry in 2020 will be more than 8 trillion yuan, according to the agency estimates from 2014 to 2020, the domestic pharmaceutical and medical compound growth rate will reach about 20% per year. China’s current health expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP with the developed countries there are still nearly double the gap, a big room for improvement. GF Fund believes that with the gradual implementation of the "13th Five-Year" planning, medical equipment and medical services industry has a huge potential for growth, medical related stocks long-term benefit. Societe Generale Securities believes that despite.相关的主题文章: