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The National Day travel to avoid the high price of food "  see the notes — food channel — original title:" the National Day travel to avoid the high price of food "to see the notes around the National Day holidays, tourism will usher in the peak travel, from past experience, every holiday, always appear several times high price cheating in order to make the event, fewer tourists encounter such unpleasant, Beijing, combing the Raiders, let you try to avoid the price during the trip". Anti price meals — not specifically for visitors to the restaurant hunger breeds discontentment, travel, "eat" the word. Tourism in order to avoid encounter astronomical food, the first should be done in advance, homework, to understand the destination restaurant, the general reputation of the poor or the occurrence of astronomical event restaurant, as far as possible to avoid. Consumers can go to the United States Mission public comment, reputation and other websites to query specific restaurant reputation. Famous tourism experts, special researcher at the research center of tourism Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Liu Simin told Beijing interview also suggested that tourists must go to the restaurant and the price tag, ask the calculation unit, so as to avoid misunderstanding; the other is not to go to the local people do not go to the restaurant; specifically for visitors to go to restaurants. It is best to go to a number of local people often go to restaurants, so that we can eat local characteristics, is not easy to be deceived." "Astronomical" roaming fees — before traveling for the right package outside the brush circle of friends, three days sixteen thousand ", in order to avoid the tragedy from happening again, we must do a good job of communication of preparation before going out, especially outbound, some of the most basic way is to close the software to automatically update, set limit traffic reminder. Greater demand for outbound tourists, it is recommended to apply for outbound traffic packages, or to buy a destination phone card. There is a money small coup, is the rational use of WiFi, in a hotel or many public places offer free WiFi, on the premise of ensuring safety, can use the Internet WiFi. Anti bank card was stolen brush card from the body, at any time to grasp the consumer information travel, because carrying cash is not convenient, many people choose credit card spending. Cardholders before traveling, you should ensure that you can always grasp the dynamics of bank card transactions, such as changes in the balance of SMS reminders. The consumer credit card, try to let the card out of their sight, the magnetic stripe card should pay particular attention to this point. If it is outbound travel, credit card spending, do not put the card and passport to the service staff. In addition, now Alipay, WeChat payment is also very convenient, if possible, can also choose to pay for these channels, fast and convenient, consumer records can be automatically stored. It is worth noting that, in order to guard against the "card from being places fraudulent", especially outbound, after returning home, immediately in the ATM machine to withdraw money (money) or offline consumption, and keep the relevant documents, so even after the card was fraudulent, can also prove that the consumer places has nothing to do with their and the card in his side. In addition, after a period of time, pay attention to the bank card or credit card consumption, if necessary, replace the card. Group tour carefully look at the contract – do not rush to participate in the National Tourism Bureau of low-cost group reminded that travel must sign相关的主题文章: