Nanjing’s housing restriction policy has been interpreted by people to force the people to

Nanjing release property purchase restrictions policy interpretation of forced masses "divorce" the afternoon of September 25th, was a placid afternoon. "The waves" only lasted until 17 PM, in Nanjing set off a round of "sexual intercourse" the tempestuous waves. Because when you were ready to eat, drink tea, chat and play cards, "Nanjing released" threw a blockbuster, and the Nanjing municipal government issued the policy of housing restriction in the main city area. It is expected that had a dinner appointment of the director to cancel the dinner, ready to go back to the sales offices to discuss the "wall ladder"; the original movie about a real estate reporter, ready to return to the newspaper was prepared to work overtime; said of a couple couples who might start to consider "divorce" to buy a house…… The interpretation of Nanjing’s limited purchase policy is still continuing, the related impact is still fermenting, in fact, it is a point: is the limit of the purchase limit really able to suppress the house price? The five points with 10 years of experience in financial reporter Dayong proposed: one, the purchase of credit limit in the short term is certainly effective, this round of skyrocketing housing prices is mainly from investment driven, purchase credit limit will undoubtedly hold real momentum. Two, the price rise is a result, but not by the restriction of credit limit, the long-term trend, such as Suzhou already fell sharply, Shenzhen, Nanjing second-hand housing transactions have also appeared tired, purchasing power overdraft results have emerged. Three, the new rule of land leasing continues to play a vertical blow on small and medium-sized developers. The state-owned enterprises will further monopolize the land market, and social capital will continue to focus on state-owned enterprises and governments. Four, the property market is a part of the macro economy and the monetary policy, the economic structure does not solve the problem, the property market is always a mess, is also the Eternal Knot, government orientation control objective is difficult to achieve. Five, excessive administrative intervention will further distort the price of all kinds of elements and spawn all kinds of corruption and abnormal market behavior. Many people will have to go to the civil administration bureau to get divorced. In fact, no matter we see no Dayong said, what he said is nonsense or golden laws and precious rules or the purchase, "fake divorce" may be tomorrow’s newspaper headlines!

南京发布住房限购政策 有人解读逼群众“离婚”9月25日下午,本来是个波澜不惊的下午。可 " 波澜 " 只持续到17时左右,在南京就掀起了一轮关于 " 房事 " 的惊涛骇浪。因为就在大家准备吃饭喝茶,聊天打牌的时候," 南京发布 " 抛了一个重磅炸弹,南京市政府出台了主城区住房限购政策。可以预见的是:原本约了饭局的房产商取消了饭局,准备回到售楼处商量 " 过墙梯 ";原本约了看电影的房产记者,准备回到报社加班;原本准备白 头偕老的夫妻们,或许开始考虑 " 离婚 " 买房了 ……关于南京限购政策的解读还在继续,相关影响还在发酵,其实综合起来就一点:限购限贷真的能够平抑房价吗?有着10年财经记者从业经历的大勇提出了五点看法:一、限购限贷短期内肯定是有效果的,这轮房价暴涨主要是由投资行为拉动,限购限贷无疑会按住炒房势头。二、房价涨跌是个结果,但并非由限购限贷决定,长期有其必然趋势,比如苏州在之前就已经出现大幅回落,深圳、南京二手房成交也已经出现疲态 ,购买力透支结果已经出现。三、土地出让新规继续对中小开发商形成垂直打击,央企国企将进一步垄断土地市场,社会资金继续向央企国企和政府集中。四、楼市是宏观经济和货币政策的一部分,不解决整个经济结构问题,楼市永远是一场乱局,也是永远的死结,政府定向调控的目的难以达成。五、过分行政干预将进一步扭曲各类要素价格,催生各种腐败和变态市场行为,很多人为规避限购限贷又得去民政局 " 离婚 " 了!其实,不管大勇说的大家看进去没有,他说的是金科玉律或者是满口胡言也好,限购之下," 假离婚 " 或许就是明天报纸的头条新闻!相关的主题文章: