Nanjing heavy truck Lianzhuang 20 cars at least 3 people were injured in the new network-pr011.msi

Nanjing heavy truck Lianzhuang 20 cars at least 3 people were injured – Beijing large truck accident. Yangzi Evening News (reporter Mei Jianming photo of Mei Jianming Guo Yipeng) more than 8 points last night in Nanjing Jiangbei fast passage from north to south near the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, a heavy truck loaded with sand, suddenly out of control, and just touch on the downhill, crazy rush Lianzhuang 20 car after the car stopped. Car accident caused by a number of cars scrapped. Fortunately, no serious injuries, but at least 3 people were taken to hospital for injuries. Subsequently, the Nanjing Police Brigade nine police rushed to the scene, the cause of the accident investigation. Reporters rushed to the scene, found that the accident led to serious traffic congestion. About one hundred meters long road, littered with car parts, a car hit a roll on the ground, some car tail was gone, and the door was knocked. According to statistics, a total of 20 vehicles hit the scene, mostly car, there are several large trucks under impact. One driver said, when he heard a bang bang bang, this big truck like crazy rushed forward, hit the car here and seven over the eight oblique, severely damaged. The scene is a downhill, there is a red light in front, when a large number of cars in this amble which led to wait, so much damage. If the road is smooth, not so many cars." A driver said. The scene, a serious damage to the vehicle driver told reporters that he saw a car knocked off the path more than and 10 meters away from the car, three people were injured, was rushed to hospital for treatment. "Basically is scraped, if there is no serious injury, this is good fortune." A vehicle was only slightly bruised driver said. According to the police, the truck driver surnamed Guo claimed, was found in front of vehicles amble take braking measures, anxious to fight the direction of vehicle control. At present, Guo Moumou has been controlled by the police, blood samples and urine samples have been inspected, the vehicle was temporarily detained. The cause of the accident is under further investigation, said the brake failure, the traffic police said it was not determined, is testing. Last night around 10, traffic accident scene returned to normal.相关的主题文章: