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Nanjing bound 34 hours fast breaking heavy brick corpse man dissatisfied lover Yiqingbielian at noon on September 24th in Nanjing, Jiangning Dongshan Street Takahashi Industrial Park harvest River, residents have found a pair of lower limbs of the unknown woman, was a black plastic bag and tied with red brick. Jiangning police immediately organized elite police task force set up in the investigation, and in the case of found 34 hours after allegedly killing lover a strict Jo arrested the murderer. Reporters learned that the 48 year old Jo for the people of Suqian, and the 49 year old woman in a strict fit for 8 years. Suspicion of a strict Yiqingbielian, jo in September 14th late night with wire strangled a strict, and slept two nights later, on September 15th night will be strictly a dismembered, and at 16 am will be strictly a body tied to a red brick, abandoned in rental housing not far from the river. More than 12 correspondent Jiang Xuan Yangzi Evening News reporter Mei Jianming event replay River bound half woman discovered in September 24th at noon, the Jiangning Public Security Bureau received alarm area residents, said in the vicinity of the harvest of the river a nameless corpse. The police immediately rushed to the scene and found the corpse wrapped in a black plastic bag and two red bricks tied with wire. After the police investigation, the deceased was a middle-aged woman, double lower limbs, to identify malignant cases of dismembered murder. So, what is the identity of the victim and where does she come from? What is the reason for the so murderous, killing dismembered dead bodies? It is related to the killings, murder, or don’t have secrets? There is a broken road leading to the scene of the crime. At the end, it is a poor Mobile River. The river is full of duckweed, surrounded by weeds, and cars can not pass through. It is far from being monitored. At that time, a resident unintentionally found a black human body parcel floating on the river, and sent a stink and rushed to the police. The police made a qualitative decision on the case. Because of its bad influence, the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, Nanjing Public Security Bureau and Jiangning Public Security Bureau attached great importance to the police team, such as criminal investigation and network security detachment, and set up a task force to try to detect the case as soon as possible. The project team has done a lot of work through careful research. One is the scene investigation, and the use of large machinery involved in the search for the abandonment of the lower extremity; two is to immediately carry out the investigation, the transfer of the incident surrounding the video data to find clues to solve the case; three is released xiechatongbao and reward notices, find the source. Subsequently, the police issued a reward. Yangzi Evening News reporter saw the announcement that the 40 year old, about 165cm tall, medium body, red brown hair, the eyebrows, ears pierced ears, wearing a blue purple tee double chiffon shirt, sleeves and hem with white embroidery, the time of death in about a week, doing appendectomy. It is also equipped with clothes and similar styles on the Internet when women are killed. 34 hours cracked "kill Shen corpse" rapid detection according to the police, they dumped to the scene as the center, the appearance of the victim clothing xiechatongbao to print many communities distributed around. At the same time, the police showed a divergent distribution, carrying out carpet visits and investigation. Another way police more than ten people, and access to the surveillance video of the incident around all. More than 6 September 25th in the evening, the police task force investigation and visited the police visited in the Dongshan Street Community rental housing owners, the owner said Aunt, her house of the original tenants in a strict number of days before missing, and physical characteristics consistent with the description of the features of the police reward notice. According to the analysis of the special case group, it is confirmed that the victim is a strict tenant, 49 years old this year, and the identity registration area is a Xuanwu District. The police quickly confirmed that Cao, one of the relations between Yan and Yan, was suspected of a major crime. The case team immediately began to carry out the capture work around Cao. At 10 p. m. on September 25th, the police succeeded in catching the suspect, Cao, at a factory warehouse in a village in Jiangning. After the trial, Jo from Suqian, a 48 year old confessed because of emotional disputes and murder, cruel dismembered corpse falls pond crimes. September 26th morning, the police take jo to harvest River to identify left. Surprisingly, the police searched for a day and night of the two legs of the deceased, no fruit at all. They suddenly surfaced at this time. They were also wrapped in plastic bags by CHO and tied up with a red brick. They doubtfully arrived at the scene when they rose and automatically floated. Police investigators told reporters, jo in the home has a wife, a son and a daughter, but with a strict early living together, but found a strict faithless, resentful, strangled with wire in the rental house in a strict, for the convenience of dead bodies, and will be a strict body into two black the plastic bag and tied with red brick, electric car rental from behind one kilometer outside the harvest in the river. Drunk impulse to strangle her, she had been with her two nights in Jiangning detention house, the Yangtze Evening News reporter saw Cao. Jo has short stature sturdy, the face of reporters, expression is very cold. He said he killed a strict, mainly to love her deeply, a strict gas induced in the drink, impulse made things confused. According to Cao introduction, as early as 9 years ago in 2007, he came from his hometown to work at a site in Nanjing Olympic Games, and he met the neighbor’s strict after eating at a nearby restaurant after work. The two sides have been dating for about a year, and they live together. He and Yan have been together for 8 years. Cao said that he married a wife in his old home, although he did not receive a marriage certificate, but did the ritual according to the customs of the countryside. After knowing Yan, he seldom went home and seldom met his wife, but his daughter met him often in Nanjing and basically accepted Yan. In the first half of this year, Cao found that Yan and his former colleague, Huang Mou, had an ambiguous relationship, and the two people had been quarrelling many times. "This man had a good relationship with us before, and I often took him home to eat and drink." Jo said, with a strict Huang phone, also micro channel, he was found. He also urged a strict contact with Hwang, a strict but not agree, even showed to leave him, this let Jo heart anger not yet appeased. On the day of September 14th, Yan went on a video call with Huang on the side of Cao. In the evening, the two people drank and drank about one and a half pounds of liquor, and the quarrel occurred again. Cao said that Yan told him to leave him. He said, "either you die or I die." then he drank half a bottle of medicine to cure diabetes, and two tablets of cold tablets were laid on the bed. After knowing Yan’s overdose of medicine, Cao said he had persuaded her to go to the hospital for treatment, but Yan did not take care of him, but fell asleep in bed. Jo said, he was very afraid, toss about can’t sleep, until 12 at night, he quietly got up, picked up the ground wiring board, cut with scissors to bridle a strict neck until she no longer move to let go. Cao also said that after the death of a strict one, he was still lying around the corpse of Yan. Until the second day in the morning to go to work, to work on how to deal with the dead body. On the evening of 15 nights, Cao was still lying next to the body of Yan, until more than 12 o’clock at night. After he got up, he saw the two legs of Yan, and put them in two plastic bags. More than 3 at 16 am, riding the electric car body to the pond. At this point, Jo alone with a strict body along the two night, and the police have access to surveillance video of Jo postmortem. The details revealed that her daughter persuaded him to refuse to surrender. "I have been timid, and even killing a chicken will tremble. I never thought it would kill. It’s all drunk. " When Cao faced reporters, he described himself so. However, the reporter found that jo in the narration of his own crime process, the mood is extremely calm, clear, even with a strict contact details are familiar, make people shiver all over though not cold. After throwing the body, Cao said to the landlord, that Yan was running with others, and he did not rent the house. Then, he returned the house to avoid being caught by the police, he moved to work in the warehouse where a recluse. Rental housing aunt over seventy years, in her impression, Jo is an honest man, good deal. According to the mother, she has seen several times on the plane of the office of Cao. To this end, the landlord mother has been warned of a strict one, and then do not rent the house to them, since then basically did not see the appearance of Huang. So that after the missing of Yan, the landlord aunt really believed that Cao had claimed that she ran away with the third party until the police came to inquire about it. She was too familiar with the dress, including the description of the appearance, which immediately provided effective clues. Even Cao’s 20 – year-old daughter saw the problem from the police announcement. According to Cao said, after her daughter saw him, he immediately contacted him and asked whether he killed Yan, and if it was, he immediately went to himself, but Cao firmly denied it. "The daughter is familiar with her too. In the notice that the police sent out, the dress daughter saw her go through." Cao said that he really loved her so much that he hurt the killer. Taobao cleaned up the deceased and made a breakthrough for the coat. According to the case police, the double-layer blue print printing skirt, which is related to solving the case, is actually similar to the one worn by the dead. The police from the body off the clothes, already dilapidated, to restore the truth, the police through the Taobao multi query, finally found a very similar, the price is not expensive, tens of dollars, but opened a major breakthrough for the investigation, and finally locked the dead, seized the murderer. At present, Cao has been detained by the police in criminal cases, and the case is still under further trial.

南京缚砖沉尸案34小时速破 男子不满情人移情别恋   9月24日中午,在南京江宁东山街道高桥工业园丰收河里,有居民发现一具双下肢残缺的无名女尸,被人用黑色塑料袋包裹并绑缚红砖。江宁警方立即组织精干警力成立专案组介入调查,并在发现案情34小时后将涉嫌杀害情人严某的凶犯曹某抓获归案。记者采访得知,今年48岁的曹某为宿迁人,与49岁的受害女子严某姘居长达8年。因怀疑严某移情别恋,曹某于9月14日深夜用电线勒死严某,并与其同眠两晚后,于9月15日深夜将严某分尸,并于16日凌晨将严某尸体绑上红砖,抛弃于租住屋不远处的河中。 通讯员 江公宣 扬子晚报记者 梅建明   事件回放   河中惊现被绑缚的半截女尸   9月24日中午12点多,江宁公安分局接到辖区居民报警,称在附近的丰收河里漂着一具无名尸体。民警立即赶赴现场,发现该尸体被黑色塑料袋包裹,外面居然还用铁丝绑上了两块红砖。经警方勘验,死者为一名中年女性,双下肢残缺,确认系一起杀人分尸恶性案件。   那么,这名受害人是什么身份,她又来自哪里?是什么原因让凶手下如此毒手,杀人分尸抛尸?这其中又是涉及到仇杀、情杀,还是别有隐情?   通往案发现场有一条断头路,尽头是一条流动性差的河流,河面漂满浮萍,周围杂草丛生,汽车无法通行,人迹罕至,更谈不上有监控。当时一位居民无意间发现了河面上漂着一黑色人体状包裹物,且散发着恶臭,赶紧报警。警方对案件作了定性后,因其影响恶劣,江苏省公安厅、南京市公安局及江宁公安分局领导都非常重视,调集刑侦、网安支队等警力成立专案组,力求尽快侦破此案。   专案组经过缜密研究,多点开展工作。一是现场勘察,并动用大型机械参与寻找死者被遗弃的下肢;二是立即开展调查走访,调取案发周边的视频资料寻找破案线索;三是发布协查通报和悬赏启事,查找尸源。   随后,警方发布了悬赏启事。扬子晚报记者看到,该启事显示,死者40岁左右,身高165cm左右,体态中等,棕红色短发,文眉,双耳有耳洞,上身穿蓝紫色圆领短袖双层雪纺衫,双袖及下摆有白色绣花,死亡时间一周左右,做过阑尾手术。启事上还配有女子遇害时所穿的上衣及网上相似款式。   34小时破获“杀人沉尸”案   快速侦破   据办案民警介绍,他们以抛尸现场为中心,将打印的受害人衣貌特征的协查通报向周围多个社区发放。与此同时,一路民警呈发散式分布,开展地毯式走访排查。另一路民警十余人,日夜调阅案发地周围所有的监控视频。   9月25日晚上6点多,专案组民警走访排查民警在对东山街道一社区的出租屋房主进行走访时,房主大妈称,她房子的原租户严某于数日前失踪,且体貌特征基本符合警方悬赏启事中描述的特征。经专案组研判分析,确认受害人正是该租户严某,今年49岁,身份登记地为玄武区人。警方很快确认,跟严某的关系人之一的曹某具有重大作案嫌疑,专案组随即围绕曹某开展抓捕工作。   9月25日晚上10点多,在江宁某村的一厂房仓库,警方成功将嫌疑人曹某抓获。   经审讯,来自宿迁的曹某,今年48岁,交待了因情感纠纷继而杀人,残忍分尸后沉尸河塘的犯罪事实。   9月26日上午,警方带着曹某到丰收河一带指认抛尸现场。令人诧异的是,警方寻找了一天一夜的死者的双下肢无果,竟然在此时突然浮出水面,同样是被曹某用塑料袋包裹,并绑上了一块红砖,疑因发涨后自动浮起,恰巧曹某到达现场指认。   办案民警告诉记者,曹某在老家有妻子,还有一儿一女,但与严某早年就同居在一起,后因发现严某移情别恋,心生怨恨,在出租屋里用电线勒死严某后,为便于抛尸,又将严某分尸,装进两只黑色的塑料袋里,并绑上红砖,用电动车载着抛于离出租屋一公里外的丰收河中。   酒后冲动勒死她,曾伴她睡了两晚   在江宁看守所里,扬子晚报记者见到了曹某。身材矮小却壮实的曹某,面对记者时,表情甚是冷漠。他称自己杀死严某,主要是爱她至深,在酒后被严某的气话所激,冲动下做出了糊涂之事。   据曹某介绍,早在9年前的2007年,他从老家来到南京奥体一工地打工,在下班后到附近小店吃饭时认识了邻桌的严某。双方交往了前后约一年,就同居在一起。算起来,他与严某已在一起8年之久。曹某称,他在老家娶有妻子,虽然没有领结婚证,但按农村的风俗办了仪式。认识严某后,他很少回家,也与妻子很少见面,但女儿在南京,经常跟他见面,且基本接受了严某。   今年上半年,曹某发现严某跟自己的一名前同事黄某关系暧昧,两人为此多次发生争吵。“以前这个人跟我们关系很好,我经常带他到家里来吃饭,喝酒。”   曹某说,严某跟黄某有电话联系,还发微信,都被他发现过。他也曾劝严某跟黄某断绝往来,但严某不同意,甚至表现出了要离开他的意思,这让曹某心里忿忿不平。   9月14日当天,严某竟然当着曹某的面与黄某进行了视频通话,曹某一气这下夺过了手机,双方再次大吵一架。当晚,两人边吃饭边喝酒,一共喝了约一斤半白酒,其间再次发生争吵。曹某称严某对他说了要离开他的话,还说“不是你死,就是我亡”,然后喝下半瓶治糖尿病的药,两板治感冒的药片躺在床上。得知严某服了过量的药品后,曹某称他曾劝说她到医院接受治疗,但严某并没有理他,而是躺在床上睡着了。   曹某说,自己当时非常害怕,翻来覆去睡不着,到夜里12点多,他悄悄起床,拿起地上接线板,用剪刀剪断,上床勒住严某的脖子,直到她不再动弹才放手。   曹某还说,勒死严某后,他仍然躺在严某的尸体身边。直到第二天早上正常去上班,上班时就想着如何处理严某的尸体。15日晚上,曹某仍然躺在严某的尸体旁边,直到夜里12点多,他起床后锯下严某的双下肢,分别装进两个塑料袋里。16日凌晨3点多,骑着电动车抛尸至河塘中。至此,曹某单独与严某的尸体相处了两个晚上,而警方也调阅到了曹某抛尸的监控视频。   细节披露   女儿劝其自首 被他一口拒绝   “我一直胆小,连杀只鸡都会吓得发抖。我从没想到会杀人,都是酒喝多了。”曹某面对记者时,如此形容自己。不过,记者发现,曹某在叙述自己作案过程时,情绪极其冷静,条理清晰,甚至与严某交往的细节也如数家珍,让人不寒而栗。在抛完尸体后,曹某跟房东大妈称,严某跟别人跑了,自己也不租这房子了。随后,他退掉房子,为避免被警方抓到,他搬到了打工所在的仓库隐居起来。   出租房屋的大妈年过七旬,在她的印象中,曹某是个老实人,比较好打交道。据大妈介绍,她曾多次看到严某趁曹某上班之机,喊黄某过来。为此,房东大妈正告过严某,再这样就不把房子租给他们,此后基本没见过黄某出现。以至于严某失踪后,房东大妈真的相信曹某所称的她跟第三者跑了,直到民警前来询问,那衣服她太熟悉了,包括相貌的描述,立即提供了有效的线索。   即便是曹某20岁的女儿,也从警方发出的启事中看出了问题。据曹某称,女儿看到后,立即联系了他,询问是不是他杀了严某,如果是的赶紧去自首,但曹某坚决否认。“女儿跟她也很熟悉,警方发出的启事里,那件衣服女儿看到她穿过。”曹某说,他实在是太爱她了,才痛下杀手。   淘宝淘出死者   同款上衣成突破口   据办案民警介绍,这件关系破案重要线索的双层蓝底印花裙子,其实只是与死者严某所穿的近似。警方从尸体上取下这件衣服时,已残破不堪,为还原真相,民警通过淘宝多方查询,最终找到了极其近似的一件,价格并不贵,几十块钱,但为破案打开了一个重大的突破口,并最终锁定死者身份,查获真凶。目前,曹某已被警方刑事拘留,案件仍在进一步的审理之中。相关的主题文章: