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Nanchang comprehensive management of "four or five" system — Jiangxi — effective channel Road police more dense, small probe, street lights came on, downstairs have shed…… In recent years, residents who live in the half street community of Shanghai Road, Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang, feel the constant optimization of the safety environment. And in all Nanchang, such increasingly safe areas become more and more complete, increasing the number of people feel that peace is on the side, and thus promoting the continuous improvement of the city’s public security situation. Nanchang City, the relevant responsible person said, this is due to Nanchang in the process of the comprehensive management of social security pay close attention to, and grasp the key areas, promoting the construction of "four or five" system. Over the years, Nanchang around the general requirements of comprehensive management system construction and work arrangements, with low incidence, good order and social stability, the masses satisfaction as the goal, to escort the economic and social development, to protect the people live and work in peace, in breaking the problem, make a short board rushes out a new way of peace building. The innovation embodied in the "five mechanisms, break the problem of five centers to make up the short board, the five platform to break a new path, creating a five tree brand". We should strengthen the decision-making risk assessment mechanism, adhere to the daily dynamic investigation mechanism, improve the multi participation mediation mechanism, improve the track supervision mechanism and strict fault accountability mechanism. The five mechanism is to enhance the scientific nature of decision-making. The construction of emancipists resettlement assistance center, community correction education correction center, accident Zhaohuo mental disorder patients from control center, the bad behavior of youth education care center, special attack classification for supervision center, "five centers" to focus is the high risk population management. The optimization of comprehensive management work integrated monitoring platform, construction of high risk population and early warning monitoring platform, the key industry to upgrade the security patrol dynamic monitoring platform, improve the Internet management platform, construction of intelligent control platform, the "five platform" is the breakthrough of the construction of comprehensive management measures. To create a safe campus, grasping prevention district to create a safe catch system, to create a safe, scenic Lake to catch remediation to build peace park to create a safe management, grasping services, "five create" focus of concern is the key area. It is this four "Five" in Nanchang for many years no attack from various directions, the scale of the incident involving steady, did not have a greater impact on the criminal cases, without the occurrence of extreme incidents. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)

南昌综治“四五”工作体系成效显–江西频道–人民网 路面警力多了、小区探头密了、街巷路灯亮了、楼下车棚有了……近年来,家住南昌市青山湖区上海路街道半边街社区的居民们,切身感受到安全环境的不断优化。而在全南昌,像这样安全条件日益完备的小区与日俱增,让越来越多的群众感受到了平安就在身边,并由此推动了全市治安状况的不断提升。南昌市有关负责人表示,这缘于南昌在狠抓社会治安综合治理的过程中,扭住关键环节和领域,推进“四五”工作体系建设。 多年来,南昌围绕综治体系建设的总体要求和工作部署,以发案少、秩序好、社会稳定、群众满意为目标,全力护航经济社会发展,全力保障百姓安居乐业,在破难题、补短板中闯出了一条平安建设的新路。其中的创新,集中体现在“五项机制破难题、五个中心补短板、五个平台闯新路、五区创建树品牌”之中。 强化决策风险评估机制、坚持日常动态排查机制、完善多元参与调解机制、健全跟踪督办机制、严格过错问责机制,“五项机制”着力提升的是决策科学性。建设刑满释放人员安置帮教中心、社区矫正人员教育矫正中心、肇事肇祸精神障碍患者收治管控中心、不良行为青少年教育关爱中心、特殊病犯分类关押监管中心,“五个中心”着力聚焦的是高危人群管理。优化综治工作综合监控平台、建设高危人群和重点行业预警监控平台、提升治安巡防动态监控平台、完善互联网管控平台、建设物联网智能管控平台,“五个平台”着力突破的是综治手段建设。小区平安创建抓防范、校区平安创建抓制度、湖区平安创建抓整治、景区平安创建抓管理、园区平安创建抓服务,“五区创建”着力关注的是重点区域。正是有了这四个“五”的分进合击,南昌多年没有发生规模性的涉稳事件,没有发生有较大影响的刑事案件,没有发生极端恶性事件。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: