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My! The PE teacher "Cao Lu Zhang Jiayi" rival "strike violently – Sohu entertainment Cao Lu Cao Lu and Wang Xiaochen Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Teng Huatao, Lin Yan Zhang Jiayi, producer, Wang Xiaochen, Cao Lu starred in the comedy" my city! Physical education teacher for the first time exposure 8 minutes trailer. In the trailer, Cao Lu plays Wang Xiaochen’s first love, love is about to leave in order to restore the heart, make all sorts of surprising move, even with the "rival" Zhang Jiayi in the boxing hall is "PK", love to kill the whole energy. Cao Lu love Wang Xiaochen Yuezhan "rival" Zhang Jiayi Cao Lu played in the drama rock rich two generation Qiu Feng, Wang Xiaochen (Wang Xiaomi) first love. Had deeply hurt Wang Xiaochen, but always when she was hurt to come forward. In the love of Zhang Jiayi found that the former shift (as Mark) was not only in the Wang Xiaochen family downstairs Dundian "knife back qingzui, staged many funny drama; it is with" rival "Zhang Jiayi in the boxing hall front yuezhan. Finally, the feelings of the three people how to look forward to, it is worth looking forward to. Superior strength of popular works and play continued Kebanchushen Cao Lu vivid image of the heroic spirit is acting, handsome appearance, loved by the audience, director Gu Changwei, for he is praised; different styles of character is handy, "from the reality" in micro love getting better and sexy horses stay, "chasing marriage to remember" the funny than the nouveau riche "to" little lover "gangsong, in" Huhuashizhe "little Yunnan, receive all sorts of comments from the audience and the industry. It is reported that the TV series! Sports teacher is expected to meet with the audience next spring. Starring by Cao Lu "chasing marriage" is about to broadcast, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: