Most of the victims of the Anji police to break up the crime fraud case are middle and old

Most of the victims of the big communications fraud in Anji were mostly middle-aged and elderly people who put advertisements in the media across the country. A communication network fraud Gang borrowed the company’s shell, posing as an expert and professor in Chinese medicine, and sold the "magic drug" to the victims. In September 19th, the Anji police in Huzhou announced a huge fraud case of communication network, which captured more than 50 suspects and arrested 30 people. The total value of the case is over 5 million yuan. Treatment of tinnitus cheated about 100000 yuan Anji aunt Wu is one of the victims of this communication network fraud, in June 28th this year, a liar in the name of treatment of ear disease, cheated her about 100000 yuan. Aunt Wu, 55, is suffering from tinnitus. In July last year, she saw an ad for the treatment of ear diseases on TV. Through advertising on the "400" call, the person claiming to be experts of Beijing science and Technology Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine cures the disease, they insisted that the company bought medicine can cure the tinnitus Wu aunt. In March of this year, aunt Wu bought a total of more than 32500 yuan of medicine. In the "drugs" sent by the other side, there are "Yiqi smart pills", "eight treasures five Jane soup", "ginseng royal jelly"… However, aunt Wu felt that there was no effect on the medicine, and the symptoms of the tinnitus did not improve, and she called the other party. And this time, "Chinese medicine experts" also threw a greater temptation to Aunt Wu – continue to use the drug will return cash, but also can use a medical insurance card to reimburse a part of the cost. Aunt Wu again believes in truth. Results as can be imagined, aunt Wu was the other side of the country and the chief Professor, posing as commissioner, to reimbursement, tax, notary fees in the name of cheated 75500 yuan. 千里追击捣毁诈骗团伙接到吴阿姨的报案后,安吉警方成立了专案组,判断这是一起有组织有谋划的通讯网络诈骗案件,通过查找线索、综合研判确定位于北京市昌平区的北京盛世紫金文化传媒有限公司具有重大作案嫌疑。 The group has a tight organization, a clear division of labor, a flow of water, and a professional trainer to train members. In August 7th, the task force rushed to Beijing to carry out the arrest action. In August 8th afternoon, under the coordination of Beijing police, more than 50 suspects were captured, of which 30 were taken back to Anji, and they had been placed under criminal detention according to law. The police of the ad hoc group found that the so-called Beijing flourishing Zijin culture media Co., Ltd. is just a shell, actually a complete communication network fraud gang. All the offices are telephone, computers and other communication devices. The gang increases the credibility of the media, such as television, newspapers and other media all over the country. After that, I asked the victim’s physical condition through the phone call, disguised as "doctor", "expert", "Professor" and so on, and then disguised as "lawyer", "tax" personnel, on the basis of all kinds of expenses, and again implemented fraud on the victim. The middle-aged and the elderly are easily deceived. After more than a month’s combing the case, the Anji police found more than 100 other victims. They spread throughout Shandong, Liaoning, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Guangzhou, Fujian, Anhui, Anhui and so on. The vast majority of these victims are fifty or sixty – year old and middle-aged people. The police said that the middle and old people were deceived repeatedly because they paid great attention to their own health care, but sometimes they were caught by cheats. In fact, the fraud gang in the so-called "experts", "Professor", the cultural level is not high, but they give magical drug victims send is also just a few cheap health care products, let alone can play much effect, quality and safety are not guaranteed.

安吉警方破获特大通讯诈骗案 受害者多为中老年人在全国各地媒体投放广告,一个通讯网络诈骗团伙假借公司外壳,冒充中医“专家”、“教授”,向受害人推销“神奇药品”。 9月19日,湖州市安吉警方通报了破获的一起特大通讯网络诈骗案,抓获犯罪嫌疑人50余人,刑拘30人,涉案总价值超过500万元。治疗耳鸣被骗10多万元安吉人吴阿姨是这起通讯网络诈骗案的受害人之一,到今年6月28日,骗子以治疗耳病为名,骗走了她10多万元。吴阿姨今年55岁,患有耳鸣,去年7月她在电视上看到了一则治疗耳病的广告。通过广告上“400”电话联系,对方自称是北京中医科技研究院专治耳病的专家,坚称他们公司买的药可以治愈吴阿姨的耳鸣。到今年3月,吴阿姨总共买了32500多元的药。对方寄来的“药品”中,有“益气聪明丸”、“八宝五珍汤”、“人参蜂王浆”……然而,吴阿姨觉得吃的药没什么效果,耳鸣的症状也没有好转,她又给对方打去了电话。而这一次,“中医专家”又向吴阿姨抛出更大的诱惑——继续用药将返还现金,还可用医保卡报销一部分费用。吴阿姨再次信以为真。结果可想而知,吴阿姨又被对方冒充的教授、科长以及国家专员,以医疗报销、交税、公证费为名骗走了75500多元。千里追击捣毁诈骗团伙接到吴阿姨的报案后,安吉警方成立了专案组,判断这是一起有组织有谋划的通讯网络诈骗案件,通过查找线索、综合研判确定位于北京市昌平区的北京盛世紫金文化传媒有限公司具有重大作案嫌疑。该团伙组织严密、分工明确、流水作业,还有专业培训师对成员进行培训。8月7日,专案组赶赴北京实施抓捕行动,于8月8日下午在北京警方的协调配合下,抓获涉案嫌疑人50余人,其中30人被带回安吉,已依法刑事拘留。专案组民警发现,所谓的北京盛世紫金文化传媒有限公司只是一个外壳,实际上是一个彻头彻尾的通讯网络诈骗团伙,办公室里全是电话、电脑等通讯设备。该团伙在全国各地的电视、报纸等媒体投放广告增加可信度。之后通过电话回访,询问受害人身体状况,冒充“医生”“专家”、“教授”等身份推销药品,然后冒充“律师”“税务”人员以各类费用为由,再次对受害人实施诈骗。中老年人易上当受骗经过一个多月的梳理案情,安吉警方找到了其余100多名受害人,他们遍及山东、辽宁、湖南、湖北、河南、河北、广州、福建、安徽、浙江等地。这些受害人中,绝大多数是五六十岁的中老年人。办案民警说,中老年人之所以屡屡被骗,是因为他们非常注重自身的身体保健,但有时却被骗子抓住行骗机会。而事实上,这个诈骗团伙中所谓的“专家”、“教授”,文化程度普遍不高,而他们给受害人寄去的神奇药品其实也只是一些很少见的廉价保健品,别说能起多少效果,质量安全都得不到保障。相关的主题文章: