Mo.ize Your Website

Advertising If you have a website that is not selling anything but rather has a lot of good content and a lot of traffic, then the following article is for you. Your website should be making at least $5.00 per thousand visitors. This means, a website receiving 200,000 visitors per month should be making at least $1,000 per month. How do you make that money? Using advertisements on your website, but not just any kind of advertisements. You need a specific combination to make the most money without annoying your visitors. First of all, you need to put Google Adsense on your website, but not hidden somewhere on the page. It needs to be nicely embedded in your content. This is very important; don’t just put your advertisement anywhere on your pageunless you don’t want to make money. Your ads need to be the same color as your background. The most effective ad is a square shape, embedded in the content of your texts. You can find Adsense at Secondly, you need a Widgetbucks ad. You should put this ad either at the top of your page, on the bottom, or as a skyscraper on the side. You can find Widgetbucks at Third of all, you need to put Kontera on your website. This will put double underline advertisements links directly into your webpage content. You can find Kontera at Lastly, but most importantly, you need to put Pay Per Play advertisement on your website. Pay Per Play is a 5 second audio commercial that will play when a visitor enters your website. You can find out more about PPP on my website at .pppaudioad… With that exact .bination of advertisements, you will maximise your in.e and your visitors will not be.e irritated and leave your site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: