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Millet can Jianweixiaoshi   5 more delicious porridge tips — food channel — original title: millet can Jianweixiaoshi 5 more delicious millet porridge tips usually cooked porridge, which is most families eat millet. How to cook congee will eat better? Today, for everyone inventory tips about what are the cook congee, and millet is rich in nutritional value, do not miss. Millet nutritional value of millet contains a large number of carbohydrates, to relieve mental stress, tension, fatigue, etc. have a great effect. Because millet is rich in vitamin B1, such as B12, to prevent indigestion and mouth sores effect. The germination of millet and malt, containing a large amount of enzyme, is a traditional Chinese medicine, with Jianweixiaoshi, loss of appetite, people may wish to eat. So, how to choose and millet porridge? The purchase method of high quality millet millet grain size, uniform color, milky white, yellow or golden yellow, shiny, little broken, no insects, no impurities. Take a small amount to be measured on the soft white millet, with the mouth to breathe and then rub fidibus wetting, millet several times, if there was a slight yellow on paper, such as yellow, to millet with yellow pigment. In addition, a small number of samples can be added to the water to observe the changes in the color of water, such as a slight yellow, yellow pigment. High quality millet smell with fragrance, no other smell. Serious deterioration of the millet, hand twist easily into powder, rice, smell a slight moldy flavor, sour smell, putrid odor or other abnormal odor. High quality millet taste good, slightly sweet, no smell. Inferior millet taste tasteless, slightly bitter, astringent and other bad taste. Small tips: cook porridge porridge before soaking rice with cold water soak for half an hour, so that grain expansion opened. The benefits of doing so are as follows: Boil porridge to save time; when stirring will follow a direction; boil porridge crisp, taste good. Boiling water pot: members of the general consensus was cold porridge, but the real expert is with boiling water cooked porridge, why? Have you ever had the experience of cold boiled porridge? Boiling water pot would not have this phenomenon, and it is more time than cold porridge. Heat: first with the fire to boil and then change to slow fire that small fire and boiled for about 30 minutes. Do not underestimate the size of the fire conversion, the flavor of the porridge out! Mixing: we have porridge stirring occasionally, is the end for fear of porridge paste, now not cold porridge worry paste bottom, why disturb? In order to "thick", also is to make full, crisp thick capsules of rice grains. Mixing techniques are: boiling water, stirring the pot a few hours, cover to the text Huoao 20 minutes, start stirring constantly, lasted about 10 minutes, to a thick shaped pan until crisp. Oil: porridge and oil? Yes, the porridge simmer for about 10 minutes after the point in time into a little bit of oil, you will find not only the finished porridge bright colors, and different kind of fresh slippery entrance. The above is cooking tips xiaomizhou, come and try it. (: Sheng, commissioning editor Nie Congxiao)相关的主题文章: