Millet became the world’s first to support bank cards and bus card mobile phone manufacturers – Sohu 9c8996

Millet has become the world’s first support bank card and bus card mobile phone manufacturers – Sohu technology media reported in August 30th August 30th training camp Wen Wanghong, millet official micro-blog MIUI news release, September 1st millet will hold "the mobile phone is a bank card" conference, and China UnionPay officially launched "pay millet" (MI Pay). As a result of millet after apple, Samsung, the first cooperation with China UnionPay to achieve a domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and has become the world’s first mobile phone manufacturers to support bank cards and bus cards. Millet and millet pay bus also being tested in the online payment process, the millet, a consumer credit card, card and other operations of the additions and deletions fluency, convenience and safety are steady. Millet and millet debut at the same time to pay for the bus, Apple Pay does not have, and ahead of other domestic mobile phone manufacturers. According to millet insiders, the first payment of millet will support more than 10 bank credit cards and debit cards. Millet bus, to participate in the beta Rice noodles report has opened in Shenzhen, Shanghai two city and 4 provinces and cities, bus card, subway card in the test. Two services will be officially opened after the September 1st conference. In August 12th, millet start closed beta in the MIUI8 system, inviting users to participate in the millet payment product trial test. Millet PR person on the morning of August 30th to the media reporters training camp in the early users to participate in the beta process, stability, MI Pay and Apple Pay is easy to use. Subsequently, the chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet and co-founder of responsible business MIUI Hong Feng repeatedly in the millet live program exposure, demonstrating MI Pay products. According to Lei Jun said, NFC payment function in the test period has tens of thousands of people in. Adaptation models currently only 5 millet millet public relations department media training camp reporter said that the current credit card function is applicable to millet phone model is 5. In recent years, the domestic NFC innovative payment industry in the ascendant, millet payment is one of China UnionPay and mobile phone manufacturers to promote innovative payment products. For other Android devices, you want to use this feature is related to the mobile phone chip. Millet public relations department, said millet 5 is using NXP EAAL 6+ financial grade NFC chip, if the other phone does not have a NFC chip, and did not cooperate with the development of China UnionPay, then it can not be used on other devices. In April 21st this year, millet announced cooperation with China UnionPay to jointly promote the development of China’s mobile payment industry innovation. Backed by millet brand potential and MIUI young active users, millet overwhelmed by the bureau can promote the development of domestic innovation payment industry, to facilitate national life, allowing users to enjoy the fun of science and technology? May have to wait until after the conference to know the answer.相关的主题文章: