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Mid Autumn Festival moon cake to pay attention to what? – Sohu health August fifteen, the traditional Chinese festival. This one day of the year, Chinese expected total family reunion, spend the night. From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Chinese and the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake folk. And the moon to commemorate the immeasurably vast difference. Many Chinese families began to create the atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival as early as a month ago. A variety of fancy patterns have been listed in the moon cake, attracted people to buy and taste. Mid Autumn Festival this day, moon cake is absolutely not less. Often accompany you a day of life. Moon cake, although there is a good moral. But when choosing food, or quite exquisite. Need to pay attention: first, the moon cake is heavy sugar heavy oil food, must not be excessive consumption. Especially in patients with diabetes and the elderly must be particularly careful. The two is the moon cake taste is various, not everyone will not overdo sth., taste. Especially with the ham meat food yellow heavy, must do what. Three moon cake is a reunion food. Generally speaking, a moon cake can be more than one point, each a piece, feeling really strong. Moon cake to eat, especially family atmosphere, but also beneficial to health. The four is the moon cake taste heavy, not too suitable food and edible animal food collocation. Should choose light with food. Here we advocate drinking or drink tea flower moon cake, the moon cake Rice porridge, vegetarian food cake, this feeling may be very special. In short, the moon cake is the vast majority of today’s Chinese and family Mid Autumn Festival indispensable delicious food! We selected must be moderate and taste, moderate.相关的主题文章: