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Metal, glass, ceramic…… Smart phones will also use what material? Sohu technology throughout the year many mobile phone conference, anyway, with my fingers toes with countless. However, the number of the conference and the great leap forward, the mobile phone manufacturers mentioned at the press conference of the main body material, or metal, some metal unibody alsoled metal accounted for more than two years ago "concept, as the fiery screen accounting for; another category is glass, glass material, type the jewel from a sapphire zirconium science, form from 2.25D to 3D bending. Of course, more often, we see at the conference will be mentioned in the metal and glass, hyperbolic glass + metal frame, such a description is common. In addition, there is a sense of presence in the presence of the fuselage material is getting stronger and stronger, giving people the feeling is also very high-end. This material is to take into account the texture and feel of the ceramic. Hey, wait, there seems to be one of the most common materials not mentioned, that is plastic. Of course, it’s not hard to understand. How much a year can enjoy the release of mobile phone, mobile phone is a natural treatment conference in high-end products or key products, and the use of plastic body is a low-end mobile phone so casual hair got. About how to do high-end plastic machine and the material quality, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) had already had to explain, will not repeat them here. So what are the pros and cons of the other three common materials? The metal and PC, ABS, PP, PE, PVC and PS are collectively referred to as the plastic, mobile phone with metal actually have different classification, but the mobile phone on the metal material is mainly Aluminum Alloy, namely aluminum metal mixed with a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials to enhance its strength, according to the addition of metal the different, and magnesium alloy, titanium Aluminum Alloy argument. Some high-end mobile phones may also be plated with gold. Such as the Xperia XZ cover the use of XZ for the majority of ALKALEIDO magnesium lithium alloy, this material has good rigidity and thermal conductivity, and excellent electromagnetic shielding, and both light characteristics. As the processing technology of SONY, this metal material brought a glass like appearance to the XZ, clear and shining. Use the same Aluminum Alloy HTC One series, iPhone 5 and later models are used Aluminum Alloy mobile phone leader. Aluminum Alloy blessing (and the brand process) also make these mobile phone impressions, texture and feel reached a first-class degree. However, in the use of thin aluminum alloy, these phones will encounter some embarrassment. Here can not help but that is iPhone 6 sit bent door, the main reason is that the iPhone 6 is not enough to use the aluminum alloy 6000. IPhone 6S in the use of 7000 aluminum alloy after the improvement. And this, iPhone 4 4S Bo相关的主题文章: