Men’s online shopping second-hand Cadillac Park neighborhood take wings to itself (video) cashmere mafia

Men’s online shopping second-hand Cadillac Park neighborhood shooting car show Mr. Zhang take wings to itself before the date, Mr. Zhang, who lives south of online shopping spend 190 thousand yuan a second-hand Cadillac. On the evening of 3, Mr. Zhang parked his car in the parking space of the district. When the car was taken from the second world building, he found his car missing. What’s going on here? Mr. Zhang is a native of Tianjin. He has been in Chongqing for two years. He lives in the sunshine 100 international new town in Nan’an district. In August this year, he spent 190 thousand yuan a second-hand Cadillac online shopping. Mr. Zhang knows that this is a mortgage car, the car sold is a Jiangsu Yangzhou Car Loan company, in order to prove the origin of the vehicle legitimate, the company also sent Mr. Zhang to the original owner Zhou Wei for mortgage procedures video and pictures. On the evening of 3, Mr. Zhang parked his car in the parking space of the residential area. When the second world building took the car, he found the car was missing. Mr. Zhang wanted to find a car when the police, a self proclaimed SAIC Motor Finance Co., Ltd. staff called, said, the car is they drove away, the original owner Zhou Wei owed the car loan, overdue, so the car back. Mr. Zhang learned that Zhou Wei, originally from the financial loan company to buy the car, because he will owe money, car mortgage to a man named Zhao Xin, and Zhao Xin and the Car Loan company car mortgaged to Yangzhou. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang repeatedly contacted SAIC automotive finance limited liability company and Car Loan company in Yangzhou, but as yet, neither side gave a solution. A Chongqing lawyer Pan Xingwang said that Mr. Zhang can find Yangzhou Car Loan company refund and compensation for losses through legal means; in addition, seizure of property is the judicial powers, GMAC-SAIC without court permission directly to the car, but also violate the legal procedure. Video only for extended reading, irrelevant to this article, the car was stolen after the alarm, the police station to visit the two sides dispute

男子网购二手凯迪拉克 停小区里不翼而飞张先生展示拍摄的爱车日前,家住南岸区的张先生花19万元网购了一辆二手凯迪拉克。3日晚,张先生将车停在小区车位上,第二天下楼取车时,却发现车子不见了。这是怎么回事呢?张先生是天津人,来重庆两年了,家住南岸区阳光100国际新城。今年8月,他花19万元网购了一辆二手凯迪拉克。张先生知道这是一辆抵押车,卖车的是江苏扬州一家汽车贷款公司,为证明车子来源合法,该公司还给张先生发来了原车主周伟办理抵押手续的视频和图片。3日晚,张先生将车子停放在小区车位上,第二天下楼取车时却发现车子不翼而飞。就在张先生想报警找车时,一个自称是上汽通用汽车金融有限责任公司的工作人员打来电话称,车是他们开走的,原车主周伟欠了车贷,逾期未还,所以把车收回了。张先生这才了解到,周伟最初是从金融贷款公司买的车,因为欠钱,他将车抵押给一个叫赵鑫的人,而赵鑫又将车抵押给扬州的这家汽车贷款公司。随后,张先生多次联系上汽通用汽车金融有限责任公司和扬州的汽车贷款公司,但截至目前,双方均未给出解决办法。重庆某律师事务所律师潘兴旺表示,张先生可通过法律途径找扬州汽车贷款公司退款并赔偿损失;另外,扣押财物是司法机关的权力,上汽通用汽车金融有限责任公司未经法院许可直接将车开走,也是违背法律程序的。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 车辆被抵押报警后不翼而飞 探访派出所双方争执相关的主题文章: