Meifang Zhang said the nuclear test Chinese should be responsible for the water China not connected -lformat

The United States Defense Minister said that the North Korean nuclear test " Chinese should be responsible for the " the dirty water Chinese – Sohu with the military channel, U.S. Defense Secretary Carter said Friday, China is largely responsible for the North Korea’s latest nuclear test. He said: I want to point out that one of the problems is the role of China, China is responsible for the development of this situation, there is a major responsibility to reverse the situation." He also said: "it is important that China should use its geographical position, its history and influence to promote the Korean Peninsula, rather than along the direction of development in this direction." This is the naked North Korea nuclear power "China responsibility theory". In the past, Washington has expressed similar meaning, but implicit euphemism. The nuclear issue is essentially between North Korea and South Korea, the United States over the years to defuse the situation as if no, to find the "responsibility" in North Korea, the United States is certainly the first row. China officials did not call to the United States for Carter, but to China such high-profile propaganda, it seems Washington paranoia of the North Korean nuclear issue is not a bit lower than Pyongyang. Americans do not consider the origin of the nuclear issue, and its development process, and it plays a negative role in Washington how. No South Korea unscrupulous toward military intimidation, without the United States for some small power violent eradication, Pyongyang’s development of nuclear weapons is probably not so strong motivation. If the last century in 90s the first round of North Korean nuclear crisis, Washington abide by the nuclear framework agreement reached with Pyongyang, today to persuade North Korea to abandon nuclear difficulty may be smaller. Washington now completely abandoned the nuclear issue to eliminate the root, will be such a complicated problem is simplified to the intensity of Beijing sanctions against North Korea is able to meet the requirements of the level of South korea. As long as North Korea to engage in a new nuclear test, a new missile, Americans went to Chinese head poured a pot of water: look, you are the result of connivance. To deceive the public, put their own responsibility onto others, this is the United States Secretary of defense Carter Washington elite is doing. Our understanding is only, America did not really want to solve the problem, solve the problem of it is too much trouble, need to adjust its strategy in Northeast Asia have done too much, is not so hung over the North Korean nuclear issue will. In addition, Washington is likely to think, let the North Korean nuclear issue in Northeast Asia and China uncomfortable, its loss is not absolute, it is difficult to say the pros and cons. The problem now is that South Korea has almost been brainwashed by American thinking, and can solve the problem as long as China strengthens sanctions. Seoul still spare no effort towards the strengthening military pressure, South Korea said the latest news, Seoul is establishing a "large-scale punish operational concept", to promote South Korea when necessary to have the ability to make parts of Pyongyang disappeared from the map, but also set up the implementation of the action of "destroy Ranger regiment directed toward the supreme leader and the DPRK army headquarters". South Korea and North Korea so come and go with each other to estimate North Korea’s sixth intimidation, a nuclear test "is not far away". China clearly does not have the ability to persuade Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons, because China has not been able to cooperate with the DPRK, Washington has refused to sign a peace agreement with Pyongyang. Advise.相关的主题文章: