Mariah Carey was her fiance dumped but saved 35 carat diamond

Mariah Carey was her fiance dumped but 35 carat diamond ring to keep the lead: in January this year has just announced the engagement of cattle sister Mariah Carey was recently fiance dumped because of her extravagant style, but once the cow elder sister proud of 35 carat diamond engagement ring was saved, because the man says it will not withdraw the gold ring. Micro-blog Mariah Carey editor @YumengCheung[] and the wealthy fiance James Packer January 21, 2016, Australia James Packer casino tycoon to the 45 year old singer Maria Kylie to marry him, she ushered in the life of the third diamond engagement ring. It was designed by Wilfredo Rosado 35 carat diamond ring, worth more than $7 million 500 thousand (about 50 million yuan), valued at between 8 million – $10 million. The diamond ring is received a marriage cow elder sister on 17 carat diamond ring weight 2 times! Even bigger than two times gold diamond ring Kardashian, and legendary actor Elizabeth Taylor than the famous 33 carat ring precious! Design of Narrator: I didn’t mean to show dove eggs 35 carat diamond ring design by the narrator Wilfredo Rosado design: 35 carat heavy Laoniang arm to lift 35 carat diamond ring HD Mariah Carey and Australia, however good times don’t last long, the casino tycoon James Packer in less than 1 years, according to "Woman" s Day "reports, the 48 year old James Packer because Mariah Carey designed luxury spending two people get rid of her, and also because of Mariah Carey’s recent television reality show the world of Maria (Mariah s World) disagree. A Packer family friend confirmed that two people completely over, and said, for Mariah Carey’s reality show, James reservations, but she hopes to the lives of two people. It is disturbing to high-profile man’s private life. It is reported that two people were burst after breaking up, relatives and friends are not surprised, because Maria Kelly refused to attend the Packer since the beginning of the year sister’s birthday party, the relationship between the two changes, also reported the man’s mother did not love the wife. Although two people are unable to fruition, but he is still not back to her engagement ring. The cow elder sister’s third marriage to fruition, cow elder sister had been married two times. The first marriage is a 22 year old musician Tommy Mottola. Mariah Carey1993’s wedding in 1992, when recording the album "Music Box", Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola started dating. In December, Kylie agreed to Mottola’s formal proposal. June 5, 1993, 23 year old Mariah Carey with the age of Tommy Mottol.相关的主题文章: