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Man with a knife threatened to see former teacher knife – Police subdued Beijing Changsha evening news (reporter Deng Yanhong) yesterday afternoon 3 when, in a school in Yuelu District Changsha campus suddenly broke into a bespectacled man, man holding a fruit knife, directly into the school office, emotional claim to find a the teacher surnamed Yi, which frightened the school security and teachers. School security and teachers quickly call the police, Changsha police station rushed to the police station in Wangcheng, and unarmed knife, defuse the danger. Yesterday afternoon, the school received the alarm, Wangcheng police station Changsha slope with the auxiliary police rushed to the scene, and men began to talk to communicate, but the man is very alert. He claimed to see the school to teachers, then also constantly boasted threats, regardless of the presence of the police bitter persuasion, men are completely indifferent, very stubborn. This man can see the purpose of Yi teacher is what? Wangcheng police station in Changsha slope with the man in the process of communication, that the man surnamed Liang, Shandong people, 27 years old this year. Thinking he might be penniless, need money home. Police offered to help him send a car to buy a ticket. Who knows, Liang Moufei want to see Yi teacher. Man holding a fruit knife, very excited. Thus, while the police continue to persuade Liang, while accompanied by auxiliary police also began to find opportunities to defuse the crisis. After a final confrontation, in Wangcheng, Changsha Po police station 5 police police force under the control of the hands of a knife beam is taken away, successfully resolve the crisis. Through the trial, the police learned that the original, Liang is a former student of this school, already graduated. And he said the mouth of the easy teacher, Liang was a teacher, a long time after graduation to do nothing, but many times to come to the school to find a teacher to borrow money. But did not expect, Liang this time to make such an extreme behavior. Currently, the police have been controlled according to the law, and will do the spirit of the identification.相关的主题文章: