Man dug mortar shells to drive the police station after the impact may be an explosion (video)

May the man dug mortar car explosion today dragged the police station after impact (September 15th) more than 10 points in the morning, Mr. Huang came to alarm people in Lianshui County of Huaian City Economic Development Zone, said he found a bomb in the site, and let the police feel shocked, Huang Xian was pulled to the police station with the shells my own car. Litchi News correspondent see police station in the economic development zone, the cannon although rusty, but look good, according to the police station said, Mr. Wong was in Lianshui County of five Island Lake Park dug a car rushed to the Lianshui County Airport earthwork construction site, when a clean and flat surface, he suddenly found a lump of iron. Look carefully, turned out to be a mortar shell. Lianshui County Public Security Bureau police patrol police brigade Shao Zhicheng: "we rushed to the scene, after a preliminary judgment, should be the legacy of war shells, with considerable risk, but the people themselves drove to the shell Development Zone police station, this approach is not desirable, because the impact is likely to encounter shells exploded, produce irreparable consequences. The police immediately brought the shells gingerly carried out on-site disposal, and bring it back, ready to report to the municipal police detachment eod. Police here to remind the general public, in the face of these dangerous goods, do not dispose of their own, should protect the scene far away from dangerous goods, and then timely alarm. Expansion of the video: the original construction of the shell without the discovery of suspected bombs相关的主题文章: