Man chased the car was hit by the murder was still

After the man was hit and killed the car was still suspected of murder yesterday, Guangdong, Dongguan, a bizarre tragedy. In Sha Ring Road, Huang man with a brick hit the truck, after guards shot, Huang fell dead. There are many questions about the matter, the local police dispatched criminal investigation personnel to the scene to handle the incident, and after further investigation. The truth is still on the way. Many users have been eager for the dead man convicted, "crazy ah" and "kill yourself", "kill deserve" comments blurt out, different views were labeled "Mary" label. Even with Huang unrelated people, will feel puzzled and chilling on network show cold stranger. Then the news appeared the so-called "reverse". Witnesses said the reason why Huang chased the car, because the car had hit him, no parking no apology. The information needs to be further confirmed, but it is enough to show that the truth is not as simple as people think. It’s common sense to keep away from a cash truck. It’s dangerous to take a brick and throw a car. But why would you put a ten thousand foot on a dead life? Even if there is no so-called "reverse", Hwang’s death did not. "". Because Hwang’s move is really not like a car robbery suspects. See from the video, he took the bricks after barehanded, armored car a few hundred meters. This is like robbery? Users can speculate that he is the biggest malicious movie that common robber". I was inclined to think that he was just an ordinary passerby who was irritated for some reason. Hit the truck is wrong, but not until the crime. No matter how we try, don’t forget the investigation, the law. To prove Hwang is a robber, must come up with evidence. Saliva is not the man’s sin. At present, the most important issue is not Hwang’s intention, but the guards disposal is legitimate, the reasons for the establishment of fire. Cash transport company, escort personnel and escort security is under serious threat, repeated warnings, the situation is very critical, the use of anti riot guns fired warning shots, the man shot down. But that’s a question. The situation is really critical, there is no other option, it is worth discussing. The banknote company said the driver cannot safely and quickly leave the. Witnesses have said that the man chasing the car carrying the car, the speed of the car is very slow, but also once stopped. Just imagine, if the armored car really sped away in the car, hand only brick Hwang, almost no way to stop. But it happened to be in the process of walking on the road, the car opened the gun. The law gives the securicar armed, also gives the guards shot in case of necessity of power. But the company and shooting guards must be clear, shoot conditions are sufficient, based on judgment of what is. If after investigation that the shooting behavior is inappropriate, you should also ask whether the company’s training qualified. In short, the gun, the dead, but the truth and the relevant personnel, the responsibility of the company are still not clear. It is in this case, such as "kill deserve it" stupid and bad heartless comments appeared. Similar cold-blooded onlookers, the network has become a regular.相关的主题文章: