Male domestic violence by the court could contact his wife for breach can be detained or pursue

Male domestic violence by the court could contact his wife for breach can be detained or chase criminally original title: violent man banned wife if any contact can be held criminally liable JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Zheng Yujia) Ms. Lee claimed to suffer from her husband Zhao 7 years of domestic violence, divorce and the personal safety protection order to the court. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Miyun Court opened the first personal safety protection order, prohibit Zhao contact his wife, and make it move out of his wife’s residence. The 31 year old Lee alleged that since 2009 married, her husband Zhao of repeated violence and abuse, and the threat of her relatives, which are harmful to the body and mind. In May 28th this year, her husband beat her again, and caused minor injuries. July 14th, Miyun Public Security Bureau to make administrative detention 5 days and impose a fine of $200 administrative penalty. Ms. Lee unbearable perennial domestic violence, then to the divorce court and the personal safety protection order. The court identified Lee’s application complies with a personal safety protection order conditions, and then open the personal safety protection order, Ban Zhao on the implementation of domestic violence and harassment, tracking and contact behavior, and move out of Lee’s residence, if violated, ranging from detention fines, are subject to criminal sanctions. The court will also be personal safety protection order to Ms. Lee, Zhao local neighborhood committees and public security organs served. Local public security organs and the village committee said it would actively assist in accordance with the law to protect the implementation of habeas corpus. Zhao said there is no objection, and guarantee to do not abuse harassment wife. Currently, the two divorce case is still under trial. Safety protection – made immediately to link the provisions of the "anti domestic violence law", the parties because of family violence or face a real danger of domestic violence, to the people’s court to protect the personal safety of the applicant, the people’s court shall accept, and shall make an order within 72 hours, an emergency should be made in 24 hours. The scope of protection of the habeas corpus may include the applicant and his close relatives. The personal safety protection order shall be executed by the people’s court, and the public security organs, the residents’ committees and the villagers’ committees shall assist in the implementation. According to the case of the contractor of the judge, the personal safety protection order from the date of the commencement of effective. The safety protection of both people to court whether served, made effective immediately. The applicant is in violation of personal safety protection order constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; if no crime is constituted, the people’s court shall give sermons, can according to the seriousness of the imposition of fines, 1000 yuan of the following 15 days detention. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: