Malaysian defense minister said the prime minister’s visit to China to buy the leak frigate Chinese doat

Malaysian defense minister " " said the prime minister’s visit to China; leak; purchase frigate Chinese response – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the Prime Minister of Malaysia Naguib. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 29, Malaysia’s defense minister Hishamuddin said the release of a speech on his face in the book on the 25 day, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib proposed during the 31 days of this month’s visit to China and Chinese signed a purchase agreement offshore multi task ship. Malaysia’s defense minister Hishammuddin said the agreement, once signed, will be the first purchase agreement between Malaysia and Chinese. Ministry of defense in November 5th and China’s national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau (SASTIND) signed an agreement to purchase offshore multi mission ship (LMV). This is the prime minister (Naguib) during his visit to China, one of the important itinerary." Reported, but in the relevant speech video, Hishammuddin no mention of the information. 28, Reuters asked Malaysia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, a spokesman for comment, but Facebook Hishammuddin immediately deleted this message. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 28 at a regular press conference when answering questions that, he did not know the specific circumstances, "but in the horse in the field of keeping normal cooperation and exchanges". The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najibuben Sept. 31 to Chinese will start seven days of work during the visit, in addition to Chinese will meet with top leaders, and will also China’s relevant units to discuss the new high-speed rail long. Although the parties have not disclosed the details of the deal, but Malaysia’s strategic and military field, meaning Teng (REFSA) research center senior researcher Lan Zhonghua told the Reuters, he believes that Malaysia could spend 300 million ringgit (about 480 million yuan) to buy 10 aircraft guard ship. Analysts pointed out that due to Malaysia’s national investment fund development limited company of Malaysia (a, 1MDB) political and financial storm events and disagreements with the United states. Australia Sydney think-tank (Lowy Institute) the Lloyd agency director of the international security program Graham also believes that Malaysia to do so is caused by america. He said that Malaysia is due to poor relations with the United States and turned to china. The coast guard is a new type of fast patrol ship with a helicopter and a missile. These ships are usually responsible for coastal security, maritime patrol and monitoring, but also can be used for disaster prevention and rescue operations. Malaysia was interested in buying or building such ships a few years ago. In November 2013, the Malaysian Deputy Minister of defense, Abdul Rahim Bakri said, the Department of defense will replace the patrol boats and ships offshore (Littoral Combat buy Ship, LCS), because the existing ship has been used for 20 years to 25 years, are out of date. He refers to the cost not LCSS and arms more than 9 billion ringgit. According to Xinhua news agency, held in April this year, the fifteenth Malaysia Asian Defense Exhibition, China National Defense Industry Bureau organized 3 state-owned military trade enterprises to "China defense" Pavilion form exhibition, showing Chinese manufacturing high-end military equipment, military research and production practice China highlight.相关的主题文章: