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Major breakthrough! The cancer cells are China doctors use soda "starve" – Sohu news guide and his research team found "new treatments starve cancer cells, and published in the field of international biological and Medical Journal of eLife, the international famous scholars of tumor. "Cancer cells also need to ‘eat’ to survive, depriving them of food, and cancer cells will die." Professor Hu Xun of Zhejiang University cancer research that is in this seemingly simple principle, he and his research team found a new therapy starve cancer cells, and published in the field of international biological and Medical Journal of eLife, the international famous scholars of tumor. After years of research, Hu Xun found that glucose cancer cells must eat something, they see the cancer will die glucose deprivation. But in fact, the lack of glucose supply, the tumor did not starve to continue to grow. Professor Hu Xun revealed the mystery: there are a lot of lactic acid in tumor, lactic acid dissociation into lactic acid anion and hydrogen ion, as the two "helper" cancer cells, make its own according to "food" determines the number of how many "consumption". Hu Xun two "helper" synergy makes cancer cells in glucose content rarely, very economical use of glucose; enter "sleep" state in the absence of glucose; when the glucose supply restored growth state. Therefore, if we want to effectively starve cancer cells, not only to deprive glucose, but also to destroy the synergistic effect of lactic acid and hydrogen ions. On the premise of glucose starvation or starvation, the cancer cells will die quickly if they remove any of these two factors. The researchers used alkali such as sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) to remove hydrogen ions within the tumor, the synergistic effect can destroy lactate and hydrogen ions, so as to effectively kill in glucose starvation or lack of tumor cells. The rapid transformation of basic scientific research into the clinical treatment of tumors, so that more patients benefit is the key. Since 2012, with 30 years of clinical experience in radiology the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine Department of interventional radiology doctor Chao Minghe Hu Xun team hit it off, into the primary hepatocellular carcinoma model therapy study, and this method is named "targeting tumor lactic acid anion and hydrogen ions arterial chemoembolization. Referred to as" TILA-TACE". Chao Ming clinic, Chao Ming explained: "conventional arterial chemoembolization (cTACE) cut off the tumor ‘food channel’, and then we use sodium bicarbonate to remove hydrogen ion within the tumor, the tumor is equivalent to not only to ‘eat’ let it go to the gym, fast consumption, rapid" starve "." It is inspired, clinical study results show: they were treated with cTACE 37 patients, 18 cases were effective; with TILA-TACE for the treatment of 40 cases of patients, 40 cases were effective. And in this clinical study in the treatment of liver cancer with TILA-TACE are refractory liver cancer. The international comprehensive report, cTACE governance相关的主题文章: