Mainland outbound tourism to stimulate global growth in Taiwan into the only recession candy candy

Outbound, driving the global growth of Taiwan as the only recession area [observer network] the first three quarters of this year, China, remains the world’s largest outbound tourist source market, so that the surrounding Thailand, South Korea and Japan foreign exchange income increase, large tourist money. However, Taiwan, China is the only negative growth in East Asia tourist destinations. Estimated that this year the mainland tourists to Taiwan to 3 million 500 thousand passengers, compared to 2015 reduced 650 thousand people, foreign exchange revenue decreased 35 billion 500 million yuan (NT, the same below), will be the first time in nearly 3 years fell to 200 billion yuan a group of mainland tourists in Taipei greatly reduced, "father" Memorial Museum, sparse land off using a mobile phone camera according to the "Wang Bao" reported on November 14th, the World Tourism Organization released the latest report shows that this year’s global outbound tourism is still hot, especially Chinese, continue to be the world’s largest outbound tourist market position, tourism spending showing two digit growth, reaching 19%. Last year, there are 117 million Chinese outbound travel, and consumption of $104 billion 500 million worldwide, the global benefit. Particularly evident in Asia, in 2015 there were 7 million 930 thousand trips to Thailand to travel to the mainland, Thailand has become the largest outbound tourist destinations. Followed by 6 million 110 thousand people in South Korea, Japan, 4 million 990 thousand passengers. A pair of mainland tourists in Thailand Bangkok The Grand Palace couple photo "eleven" period, tourists on the mainland tourists to Korea continued to surge. Three countries are expected this year, the land will continue to grow, it is estimated that an increase of about 2 million passengers in 2015. Eleven golden week, mainland tourists to buy and buy in Ginza, Japan, and from January to September this year, the British tourists to the United States, the United States, Germany, France, the tourism expenditure grew by 10% over the same period last year, respectively, 9% and 3%. The number of tourists who travel to neighboring countries will continue to grow, and Taiwan will be the only exception. According to the Taiwan tourism statistics, last year there were 4 million 180 thousand trips to Taiwan, it is estimated that this year will be reduced to about 3 million 500 thousand people, or even lower. Last year, about 220 billion yuan of land for Taiwan foreign exchange revenue, this year is expected to reduce by $35 billion 500 million. The number of mainland tourists every 1 less, Taiwan service output will be reduced by 17 billion 800 million yuan after the opening of mainland tourists in 2011, mainland tourists brought to Taiwan for the first time foreign exchange revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan, 2014 in 2015, more than 200 billion yuan, this year is expected to fall to 1700-1800 billion, which is the opening of the first negative growth in land after the tourists to taiwan.相关的主题文章: