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Ma Yili bare chested large-scale board cover leads the fight the Sina cloud entertainment column boiled online to see news: the day before, Ma Yili as the "fashion health" magazine cover and inside pages of large exposure, this is the second time Ma Yili participated in the "Pink Ribbon" campaign, calling attention to women’s health. Large scale breakthrough, Ma Yili, back to the camera with beauty, or staring in, or slightly smile, sharp eyes, show another charm. But for Ma Yili breaking scale health magazine cover users is mixed, bad comments from netizens have launched a slobber war. For Ma Yili, the most people’s eyes, she kept on paper it is hard to understand, as friends said: this woman is really worth I admire, if my man derailed I’m dead not JianPoLan, after all others used. However, some people say: love a person is a person’s power, Ma Yili can endure, what you do, you can not help you leave, but also others. Yes, does anyone not affect the lives of others, to have our own life is right: it was so cheap! Compared to those in the outside wanton woman unfaithful to husband more to go. Others as a public figure to do back milk group, obviously put the child first, so that women have what to say! People really have the ability, appearance, and selfless to children and families are not what we have to be respected! Who said that her people, especially women, do not see themselves a few pounds! Just to see Ma Yili back on a large scale do not know what is the meaning of some white liquid, so some people think that these photos of Ma Yili looks a little dirty. Some netizens on the truth: good to shoot on the breast of the red ribbon. Fourth pieces of white and alluding to what a little sick feeling. Of course, some netizens said Ma Yili looked very dry, no beauty, there are friends feel anger: Fuck ye are gouzuitubuchuxiangya? So beautiful, so temperament, blind to see! But in any case, Ma Yili had been blown out of the hands of smoke, so there are users also said: often smoking woman can speak healthy? Health must be such a large scale? Of course, more controversy is that such a netizen feel so proud of women without dignity… It is not for the children to endure all the years after all, the old society has ended for many years, in fact, after all, like articles. In order to love it, the article can be more unscrupulous. It’s a lot of people who think Ma Yili is trying to give up on the man who’s been unfaithful. This is also a netizen refuted: the basic curse of Ma Yili because there is no child, and so parents do for children may be more for the children. Is this really possible, not to mention the saying: the return of the prodigal son jinbuhuan. Anyway, there are a lot of time is also a net friend, can be a bit of things on the Internet is also full of fun not? Anyway, for the stars, most will not be too much attention to the comments. Slobber war between friends can only be friends to entertain…… Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章: