Luancheng men burglary burglary 30 yuan a mobile phone with the hospital tenants

Luancheng man burglary with renters stole 30 yuan to a mobile phone newspaper news (Reporter Yu Nankai correspondent Gong He) just because of the money, see the same hospital tenants from morning to evening, Haomou is only 30 yuan to choose a burglary. The day before, Luancheng District Public Security Bureau police station Liu Lin Tun cracked the burglary. Suspect Hao was arrested. Wang, Zhang is a barber shop staff, two people rented together in Luancheng District, Xingan street, a rental house. In October 18th two people to work, ready to take it to buy cigarettes Zhang found himself under his pillow 30 yuan is to ask Wang, take wings to itself, but found that Wang is looking for a mobile phone. Soon, two people decided, a lost 30 yuan, a disappeared phone, Xiao Zhang immediately dialed 110 alarm. 21:35, Luancheng District Public Security Bureau Liulin police station police Wang Xiaoke and Zhang Hao arrived at the scene, to determine that this is a burglary case. After careful investigation on the scene, the police found at the scene of a house is three storey building, the rental housing for the three floor of the building in a room. At the same time, Wang Xiaoke police found a house on the windowsill outside clear size shoe. The police will focus on the preliminary investigation on house building tenants. When the investigation, rented in the rental house next door Hao Hao words flashing very suspicious. Men’s sports shoes in the window outside rent housing two big yards into the line of sight of the police, the shoes and shoe soles with floral patterns stolen rental legacy code outside the window shaped high similarity. The police Haomou on-site interrogation, Haomou will soon confessed his Fanchuang into Wang et al rented house, the theft of mobile phone and cash crimes. It Haomou confessed that he was jobless, recently found with cash strapped rental in one yard often evening, he had the idea of burglary. I didn’t expect to be arrested by police on the day of stealing. At present, the suspect Hao has been detained by the Luancheng District Public Security Bureau according to law.

栾城男子入室盗窃同院租房者 偷30元一部手机   本报讯(记者 南开宇 通讯员 龚贺)只因手头拮据,看到同院租房者早出晚归,郝某仅为30元选择了入室盗窃。日前,栾城区公安局柳林屯派出所侦破了这起入室盗窃案。犯罪嫌疑人郝某被抓获。   小王、小张是一理发店的员工,两人共同租住在栾城区兴安街一出租屋内。10月18日二人下班,准备拿零钱买烟的小张发现自己压在枕头下的30元钱不翼而飞,正想询问小王,却发现小王正在找手机呢。很快两人确定,一个丢了30元钱,一个不见了手机,小张随即拨打了110报警。   21时35分,栾城区公安局柳林屯派出所民警王晓克、张浩到达现场后,确定这是一起入室盗窃案。   经对现场仔细勘察,民警发现案发现场是一个独院三层楼房,其出租屋为该楼房三层中的一间。与此同时,民警王晓克在此屋窗台外侧发现一枚清晰的大码鞋印。   民警初步将侦查重点放在此独院楼房租户身上。排查时,租住在被盗出租屋隔壁的郝某言辞闪烁十分可疑。其租住房窗台外侧一双大码的男式运动鞋进入民警视线,该鞋鞋印及鞋底暗花与被盗出租屋窗台外侧遗留的大码鞋印相似度很高。   民警对郝某进行现场讯问,很快郝某便供述了自己翻窗进入小王等人租住的屋内,盗窃手机和现金的犯罪事实。   据郝某交代,他处于无业状态,近日手头拮据又发现同租住在一个院子的两人常早出晚归,便萌生了入室盗窃的念头。没想到偷盗当天便被民警抓获。目前,犯罪嫌疑人郝某已被栾城区公安局依法刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: