Lu’an promotion economic passport for enterprises to reduce nearly 1 million 660 thousand dol-ca1810

Lu’an to promote the "economic passport" for the enterprises and the "burden" of nearly $1 million 660 thousand — Anhui channel — according to Dabie Mountain morning publication reports, the certificate of origin is that countries according to the relevant rules issued by the legal documents with a goods production or manufacturing, because it can prove that the commodity economy nationality is vividly called "economic passport". City inspection and Quarantine Bureau news, in order to better serve the foreign trade enterprises, our city vigorously promotes the certificate of origin. From 1 to August, a total of 1 million 655 thousand U. S. customs duties were reduced to the importing countries. The certificate of origin for its real tariff in international trade, known as "paper gold" in the tariff at the same time, also open to expand exports, expanding the international market, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises for the door. Certificate of origin is the certificate of origin of goods or goods in international trade. Export enterprises can enjoy preferential duty of origin certificate issued by inspection and quarantine institutions, and export goods can enjoy tariff reductions ranging from 5% to 100% customs duties in imported countries or regions. In 1-8 months, 1378 copies of certificate of origin were issued in our city, and the amount of visa was 6500 dollars, up 61.6% or 32.6% compared to the same period last year. 648 of the certificate of origin certificate increased by nearly 2 times, and the visa amount was 33 million 100 thousand dollars, which totally reduced the tariff of import countries to 1 million 655 thousand dollars. (reporter Yu Hao from the Dabie Mountains morning publication) (commissioning editor Wu Xilu and Zhang Lei) 六安推广“经济护照” 为企“减负”近166万美元–安徽频道–人民网 据大别山晨刊报道,原产地证书是各国根据相关规则签发的、证明货物生产或制造地的一种具有法律效力的文书,因其能证明商品的经济国籍而被形象地称为“经济护照”。市检验检疫局消息,为更好服务外贸企业,我市大力推广原产地证,1―8月份,共计为企业减免进口国关税165.5万美元。 原产地证书因其能实打实地减免关税,在国际贸易中被称为“纸黄金”,在减免关税的同时,也为企业开启了扩大出口、拓展国际市场、提升产品竞争力的大门。原产地证是货物或商品在国际贸易行为中的“原籍”证书,出口企业凭检验检疫机构签发的优惠原产地证书,出口货物可享受进口国或地区关税5%到100%不等的降税幅度。 1-8月,我市累计签发各类原产地证书1378份,签证金额6500美元,同比分别增加61.6%、32.6%,其中优惠原产地证648份,增加近2倍,签证金额3310万美元,共计为企业减免进口国关税165.5万美元。(记者 余浩 来源大别山晨刊) (责编:吴西露、张磊)相关的主题文章: