Love fantastic MIT, and the Taiwan machine manufacturing technology Sohu nightmare

Love fantastic MIT, and the Taiwan nightmare manufacturing machine – Sohu technology as an important feature of human biology is: the will to live. Therefore our brains evolved to meet the characteristics of many functions, one of which is, in or into the potentially dangerous scene, it will alarm to inspire your survival instinct, this is human "fear" feel. Do you have such kind of experience: watching a horror movie in the cinema (except domestic horror film), a small heart plop jump eyes unconsciously looking for the door or exit to escape? Everyone in life will be stimulated to produce some fear, such as large spiders, clown mask, doll and so on — some routine, some illogical at first glance. Different stimuli (stimuli) can stimulate human physiological responses. So researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is mainly from Data61 and MIT Media Lab of the two groups, the partnership made a survey, look at what level in all mankind common, can stimulate human fear. On the way they are writing a special algorithm, can take a very ordinary daily picture into a scary image…… The purpose is to see which one can frighten people into nightmares! (think MIT researchers "work", do a lot of research is to entertain, or full of "bad taste".) Although today to write this quite the occasion, because Halloween is coming! However, a small probe or to say: in front of high-energy, ready to look at the psychological preparation! An ordinary photo, such as IKEA’s table, a frog, a smiling old grandpa, their application of artificial intelligence technology, can be divided into minutes to give you a horror movie scene. This conversion graphics program uses deep learning algorithm, as well as from Data61 chief research scientist Manuel Cebrian called "secret formula spirits". The team used two models: a deep learning algorithm is used to extract the elements of art and style from the picture, and applied to another picture; another through data analysis, to generate as much as possible the shocking pictures. Currently, a group of more than 200 thousand users have been evaluated through a dedicated website, but they need more data until the program is able to think for itself and determine what elements can create a "fear"". According to the preliminary analysis of the available data, Manuel concluded, "there are some elements that everyone is afraid to read". The initial goal is to understand the team cooperation of human and machine obstacles — can cause cognitive human physiology reaction and the response of the machine is different, this is the important barrier between man and machine. More articles to the WeChat public number: Silicon Valley agents seeking to report please add WeChat guigumitan02, micro-blog & official website; @ Silicon Valley spy相关的主题文章: