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Local banks sprint IPO blood transfusion capital profitability on the valuation of the pressure generated by the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Jiangyin agricultural firm stock officially released more than a dozen city commercial agricultural firms "queuing" listed local banks sprint IPO capital transfusion asset quality, profitability and other pressure under serious pressure on its capital valuation, local banks through the supervision and release of Dongfeng A shares of IPO, another wave of orgasm. Jiangsu Jiangyin rural commercial bank Limited by Share Ltd in 24 officially in the Shenzhen SME Board issued shares, the issue price of 4.64 yuan shares, 209 million shares to be issued. The bank is not only the first Agricultural Bank in the A-share market, but also after the Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Guiyang, since August, third local banks listed on the A shares. In addition to the above three companies already listed local banks, the reporter combing public information discovery, Shanghai bank, Hangzhou bank, Jiangsu Wujiang rural commercial bank, Jiangsu Wuxi rural commercial bank, Jiangsu Changshu rural commercial bank, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang rural commercial bank and have already passed the trial will be IPO. In addition, many of the recent H-share listed companies have also expressed their position to return to the A-share market A. In Hongkong said the assets and liabilities of Bank of Chongqing general manager Li Yingjun the day before, the Bank of Chongqing has been in the queue in the A shares, A+H shares listed on both sides of the plan. The Bank of Qingdao recently also on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announcement said, intends to apply for the initial public offering of A shares and listing. In addition, Zhengzhou bank, merchants bank, Shengjing bank also has been in the queue in A stock market. Since the second half of last year, the Commission will significantly accelerate the domestic bank listing approval, which for many in the past to rely on private placement and issued two capital bonds etc. the blood of the local banks, can be described as a "welcome rain after a long drought". At present, the domestic banking industry is facing a huge capital pressure. The latest data show that the end of the two quarter of 2016, commercial banks weighted average core capital adequacy ratio was 10.69%, down 0.27 percentage points from the previous quarter; weighted average capital adequacy ratio was 11.10%, down 0.28 percentage points from the previous quarter; weighted average capital adequacy ratio was 13.11%, down 0.25 percentage points from the previous quarter. Compared with large banks and joint-stock banks, city firms and agricultural firms are facing a more robust capital needs. Data show that the Bank of Jiangsu cut the end of the first half of the capital adequacy ratio was 11.23%, further lower than at the end of the 11.54%; eager to return to A shares "blood" of the Chongqing agricultural firm’s capital adequacy ratio continued to decline since 2014, at the end of the first quarter, the bank’s capital adequacy ratio has fallen to 12.02%, core capital adequacy ratio fell to 9.85%. It is worth noting that, at the Bank of Zhengzhou plans to return to A shares at the same time, the board also adopted a resolution on the line before the two capital bond issue size from 3 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan, which will see an urgent need to replenish capital. Chinese theory相关的主题文章: