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Liu Yan Yue Yunpeng affectionate hand " swallow PigHead " CP contrast adorable Sina entertainment news in 2016 09 month 26 days, Liu Yan and Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] on the street, two people standing on the roadside, leaning on an open door, and holding hands with a smile, sometimes cheeky sad looking fondly, Liu Yan wearing a simple clean plaid shirt and jeans, in a tight blue shirt highlights her good figure, she was wearing a purple T-shirt and "small Yue Yue" with Yue Yunpeng, September 29th for the upcoming film "passing from your world" to shoot a group of publicity photos, show two people full of CP yesterday, the movie "passing from your world" will premiere was held in Beijing, Liu Yan and Yue Yunpeng in the movie "swallow PigHead" contrast adorable CP, staged a pure love, tear ten Foot, harvest a lot of praise. In this group of photos, Liu Yan and Yue Yunpeng stood in the door open a car, and hold each other’s hands with a smile, sometimes with sad eyes deep unceasingly, emotions have been very good, as if to reproduce the movie "swallow" and "PigHead scene" respectively. In fact, the day of shooting the sun is very hot, there are a lot of onlookers around, but the two also showed a strong professional attitude, very devoted and dedicated to complete the photo shoot. Yesterday, "passing from your world" held in Beijing premiere, while filming a IP costume giant system back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke of Yangling "biography" Liu Yan for Ganpai had failed to present in Hengdian, but Liu Yan in the movie "little Yue Yue" and Yue Yunpeng’s "swallow pig head" contrast adorable CP harvest many passers-by praise: "the swallow and PigHead love story is really sweet and abuse, car chase that directly cried, small Yue Yue and my sister rock was the lever!" "The premiere of the tear! Small Yue Yue car Liu Yan that good moving! The Liu Yan campus youth costume tmetal, put the credits for a while she alone in the toilet for small Yue Yue cry scene, the film did not, in fact it is a swallow of unwillingness!" The movie "passing from your world" set file on September 29th, Liu Yan Yue Yunpeng, a group of lovely CP will in the film and the audience to meet Liu Yan earlier in the interview admits that she enjoyed and small Yue Yue cooperation is also very moved by "PigHead" and "swallow" love small Yue Yue, and praising the work seriously, "I think he does not play," a lot of excellent quality PigHead body, "can be reflected in his body, and said he and the small Yue Yue" is a "from the face value to the body, let a person can’t help very much looking forward to it for CP the wonderful performance in the film.相关的主题文章: