Liu Wen and Yuan Shanshan love the Chloe package, the new big gold would you buy (video) oboni

Liu Wen and Yuan Shanshan love the Chloe package, the new "big gold" would you buy? Chloe spring 2017 show, the emergence of a new bag, looks very small, looked like this: Paris fashion week 2017: Chloé many French girl feeling yuan minimalist style with multiple colors to choose from: the show also appeared spell leather style: another size is larger than this this package is called: "Nile Bracelet package, see this thought? Yes, that is, Chloe Faye Bags, but also the design of the ring burst bag. In recent years, the explosion of Chloe packet should emerge in an endless stream, a season of the new all-match are quite beautiful, always in the choice to make people tangled…… Do not worry, if sister today recommended three of the most popular and most practical Chloe handbags, would like to start from here to choose the good! Chloe Drew Bag, people love package products: Chloe Drew: bag size: X X 8cm 20 Standard No. 23, No. 20 (trumpet) Mini X 18 X 7cm, Nano X 13 X 6.5cm 15 material: small leather, suede color: color, pattern, color and other animal: the standard price No. 12900, No. Mini based RMB based models 11800 RMB, 8610 RMB, Nano of the first is Chloe Drew Bag headed Huadan, is what we often say that the pig bag. A total of three pigs, packet size, standard number is generally what we say, Mini is what we say of the trumpet, and a Nano section is very small, not much bigger than a slap in the face, can be put under the iphone6 mobile phone, but 6plus can’t fit…… Speaking of Chloe Drew bag, first appeared as a Chloe 2014 winter new products appear on the runway. "The earliest classic pig bag with small stiff bag, simple design, with a metal chain to create delicate texture, fabric with small sheepskin grain, classic look. The front of the bags have the classic jewelry style after the lock, hardware fittings all have golden brass 14 years pig bag fire, Chloe launched Drew Bag Strike while the iron is hot. small, much smaller than the standard number of pig bag, looks very cute ~ ^ size back up like this, is not very cute ^ as a super variety grain leather monochrome color – natural and ultimately, the same color often have two sizes of pig package, choose to see the demand, right Nano size, if you want to put in more than Iphone6, it can be a bit difficult…… After Chloe has a variety of different material and design of the Drew Bag, can be more selective: "pony skin, retain natural hair animal leather unique texture. A slightly more expensive hair material, the price is 15900 RMB. Long and smooth suede.相关的主题文章: