Liberation hands are not far from the experience of the mainland group automatic driving technology winpm

The hands are not far away experience technology – Sohu automobile Sohu [now] car headlights to ask what the highest degree of concern of automotive technology and automatic driving, group? It must be driving, we always feel that this sounds a bit far away, but the future of smart technology wave has hit. The day before, the international auto parts suppliers, the group in Zhejiang, Jiulong Mountain held the first car show car driving Chinese automation test activities in the testing activities, the mainland group highlights its autopilot solution, but in the end to what extent, please follow Xiaobian look down. When it comes to the mainland group, may not know a lot of friends, but to mention the horse brand tires, as long as the car is estimated to have a friend to understand. The Continental Corporation is the world’s top five auto parts suppliers, but only one of the tire business, its business scope also includes safety, chassis and powertrain, body electronics, rubber and technology etc.. As early as 2012, Continental group has become the first to obtain permission in the United States in Nevada public road automated driving test of auto parts suppliers, and completed a more than 72 thousand mile experiment. In the mainland group seems to achieve automatic driving is divided into three stages. 2016 is the first stage, at this stage began to realize automation of driving, the driver can get help in some cases; 2020 entered into the second stage, beginning at this stage to achieve highly automated driving, the driver can freely control the driving time; 2025 entered into the third stage, at the beginning of this a stage to realize the automation of driving, the driver can fully enjoy the comfort and convenience of automatic driving. With the future development goals, let’s take a look at how the autopilot is made up of. The automatic driving system needs based on the auxiliary system for vehicle is equipped, which includes a 360 degree panoramic system can look around, radar sensors and multifunctional stereo camera is equivalent to the car of the eyes, and that between cars and infrastructure implementation of smart antenna communication equipment etc.. The need for a comprehensive environmental monitoring radar sensor, four short-range radar sensors and a stereo camera and long distance, long distance radar located at the front end of the vehicle, can be 250 meters of road information timely delivery to the car, can reliably distinguish between stationary and moving target. Short range radar located around the vehicle, and the car used for monitoring the visual blind spot, provide help in vehicles change lanes when. The multifunctional stereo camera consists of two parallel cameras, which are usually arranged in the rear view mirror. The image of the two parallel cameras can be restored by the superposition of the stereo view, and the distance and position of the obstacle vehicles are measured more accurately. The functions include intelligent lighting control, lane keeping, traffic signal recognition and speed control, collision warning, and road surface monitoring. Panoramic camera consists of multiple cameras distributed around the body, can provide 360° panoramic view. Its main function is 360° road monitoring and parking assistance. Smart antennas can be used to achieve a car or car.相关的主题文章: