Liaoning to adjust the pension standard comparison table published adjust funding channels (video)

Liaoning adjusted pension standard table adjustment fund release channel in late September, according to the requirements of enterprises and institutions retirees pension adjustment since January 1, 2016 will be issued in place. Yesterday, the Shenyang municipal social pension and work injury insurance administration issued on the 2016 adjustment of retirement (post) staff basic pension standard comparison table, so that retirees adjust the pension to understand. Provincial Department of human resources and social "on notice" in 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees, adjustment of the basic pension staff scope and time: before December 31, 2015 have been required for retirement (post) procedures and receive a monthly basic pension of enterprises and institutions (including personnel retirement (post) has been incorporated into the basic pension insurance "57 families of workers, not with labor insurance [1983] No. 3 document within the scope of the founding of new China before joining the army the enterprise retired workers), to adjust the basic pension from January 1, 2016 onwards. This adjustment is divided into fixed adjustment, hook adjustment and tilt adjustment in three ways, enterprises and institutions retirees condemnation, adjusted in accordance with the corresponding way. The document also explicitly adjusted funding channels: retirees to participate in the basic old-age insurance enterprises, to adjust the basic pension funding disbursed from the basic old-age insurance fund in the enterprise. The institutions of retirees to adjust the basic pension funds required temporarily to resolve the original channel, the organs and institutions pension by the social insurance agency issued after the start of the unit, Department of Finance and the social insurance agency shall be settled in accordance with the relevant provisions. And the requirements to ensure that will increase the basic pension payments to retirees in the hands of the end of September 2016, not the occurrence of new arrears." Shenyang City retirees pension payment time is not the same, will continue to account, such as retirees pension account in September 25th, the pension account will receive the replacement part since January 1st. Many in the pension balance & #183; Shanghai balance of 111 billion 676 million yuan for a higher degree of aging future payment pressure > > > more news 6 women network trick prostitute prostitution was arrested [¥ 920 Estee Lauder anti-aging artifact free! Reply to "cream" to understand and participate in the activities of minutes, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment in front of their peers! ]相关的主题文章: