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Liaoning six coastal city special marine land-based pollution – Environmental Protection — the newspaper Shenyang on 1 September,     (reporter He Yong) according to media reports Liaoning Bohai city ring a few marine terrigenous pollution situation, environmental protection department of Liaoning province to form a special investigation team investigation teams to Huludao city and Yingkou city. At present, Huludao city and Yingkou city respectively on the prominent environmental problems of Longgang District, xianrendao energy chemical industry zone relevant responsible person investigation, and has started accountability procedures, to the related responsibility main body and responsibility responsibility. According to reports, Huludao City three into the Haihe River flow, even in the heights of mountains and rivers five rivers, river water quality is worse than grade V; Yingkou, Gaizhou and other places also exist pollution. Recently, Liaoning Province announced the 6 central Bohai city pollution investigation and handling, the Yingkou iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Gaizhou second sewage treatment plant and Liaoning Shixing drug Co., 3 cases of environmental law enforcement to supervise the handling of illegal behavior, and for the enterprise to implement the administrative penalty, Liaoning Shixing pharmaceutical limited company is suspend production for rectification. In August 25th, the Liaoning provincial government held the province’s marine pollution prevention and control work will be put forward, from now until the end of October, Liaoning 6 coastal cities to carry out a comprehensive marine land-based pollution special rectification actions. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 02 August 15 Edition) (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: