Li Xuefeng don’t leave the law on placards and Anti Sense plants war

Li Xuefeng: don’t leave the law on placards and anti placards sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament Securities Times reporter Li Xuefeng if a few words describe the first half of the A stock market, or the acquisition of placards is clearly one of the essential vocabulary, each capital staged scene perpendicular and horizontal. Scene drama, especially in the event of Vanke is the most obvious. There is a sentence briefly expounds related party of listed companies and the market of the two relations — multi set by the bull market, bear market more placards. Vanke incident, triggered by the acquisition of placards to worry about the number of listed companies have adopted the amendment to the articles of association and other technical action to prevent or respond to. It is not completely determine the technical action is suspected of potential damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the party placards, but at least it can be seen that a considerable part of the actual control of dispersed ownership and the absence of the listed company to the third party capital holders do not welcome. From the management department of Bao Vanke attitude to LaSalle bank, Chinese Baoan resorted to the shark repellent provisions ", it is difficult to expect third party capital of listed companies face with a positive attitude, not to mention if the third party capital constitutes violation placards, the confrontation between the two sides is more serious. In fact, in the past year placards are not uncommon. For example, life insurance, Ampang Fude 2014 placards golden group, Minsheng Bank, Shanghai private Cui Jun 2015 Xinhua placards department stores, there is continuous placards straight from the first bit of major shareholders, on the south line, Xin Mei *ST account group placards placards to KONDARL Kingkey group took control for the purpose, at the court. The placards case, every placards are sharp and matchless, no less than the Boland department or Hengda, placards listed companies with each other to play tricks including but not limited to a lot of action in the event of Vanke, but only Vanke event has almost become the focus of the whole society, and from the end of last year till now, throughout the the first half of the year. Vanke market events brought inspiration, strong management, good corporate governance structure, steady growth performance, the market value of the forefront of the industry, there may be a stronger capital sniper, A shares system design, with the same rights and equity speak fundamentally to kill the part of the company to the possibility of non conventional counter capital placards. Therefore, no matter how Vanke and its fans against Boland and Hengda liberty holdings placards, reasonable under the current rules. Many years later, people re-examine Vanke events may now blame the design of the system, but one thing can not be ignored is that this set of system design is not only for Vanke, but bound all the A shares of the company. In recent years with the case of listed companies because few placards, placards and is a serious problem, such as core staff loss, collective operation to a standstill, the company by the new shareholders tunneling and so on. In other words, Vanke, LaSalle bank etc. the company’s management of the placards unfriendly and can not explain the placards party really is not conducive to the listed company. Most of the time, the management of listed companies on their own interests too much, those who have damaged placards behavior in their own interests, they will borrow the name of safeguarding the interests of the company相关的主题文章: