Li startling step by step three IP adaptation of the

"Li" startling step by step: three IP adaptation of the turnaround the Sina entertainment television column this year alone boiled tongue mainland IP the concept of fire, especially various kinds of IP films and TV dramas such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge. These IP play, movie ratings record, also quietly on the market. The feedback from the audience’s point of view, even with more than 1 billion yuan at the box office of the film version of "Tomb notes", because the second half of the effects that the original party is not exquisite disappointed mood. IP fire, obviously captures the attitude of the artist to debut this year’s IP television drama adaptation generally have obvious traces of time. However, the remake pass not impossible task. But this is not a domestic drama, you can only watch on the mainland from Youku potatoes online platform. This drama is a Korean version of "startling step by step" — "startling step by step:" li. The drama written by Zhao Yunying, directed by Jin Kuitai, Lee Jun-ki, Li Zhien, Jiang River that starred in South Korea in August 29, 2016 SBS broadcasting television, the ratings reached AGB: 11.3%, AGB Seoul: 12.2%. Online video platform in the mainland, the play is on the two day break 300 million playback volume. On the social network, almost every episode of new content, will become a hot topic of discussion. When we made IP development embarrassment, a remake of the drama department of South Korean counterparts may be able to bring us enlightenment. On the three IP on the shoulders of "Li" is a startling step by step: NBC global investment the first Asian TV series, the production of first shot after the broadcast mode by 100%. Strictly speaking, the project is not a remake of the mainland version of "drama startling step by step", they are buying the copyright of the original novel donghwasa. After the adaptation, the play tells the story of the total solar eclipse phenomenon in the soul through to Korea between twenty-first Century and four women tree Prince Wang Zhao’s romantic love story, and Korea palace hot crown competition. It can be seen that the story has not changed much nuclear, Korean version of the type of positioning is still romantic fantasy costume drama. The audience for a remake of the first appeal — "faithful to the original" and local integration, "" startling step by step: Li is caught. Generally speaking, as long as it is a form of IP (intellectual property), through the means of adaptation of its essence into other forms, are IP development. Buy novel adaptation in film and television drama, and the film and television drama remake, is the most common means — creative can get great help in the creation of nutrition. So doing, "Li" is not only the startling step by step: the original novel IP, referring to the mainland version "and" startling step by step, it also has the dual attributes of adaptation and a remake, it also has two large supply essence. In fact, far more than that, because the "startling step by step" Donghwasa novel is not the original 100%. This novel is the story, but IP China history’s most legendary duo di – kowloon. At the end of the story of Kangxi, entropy wins, in the folk are all)相关的主题文章: