Li Keqiang and Cuban leaders to participate in medieval hand in hand, the performance of the Arts –

Li Keqiang and Cuban leaders attended the "hand in hand" activity in the new network performances on 25 September, Xinhua Havana (reporter Bai Jie Liu Bin) the evening of 25 local time, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his wife Cheng Hong in Havana to attend the Grand Theatre in the "hand in hand? Pull Cultural Year" Havana night concert performances. By being the foreign president of the Cuban Council of state and President of the Council of ministers Raul? Castro commissioned the Second Secretary of the central Cuba, vice chairman of the Council of state Machado, first vice president of the Council of state and Council of ministers Dias – the first vice president Caner attended. 2016 Sino Latin American cultural exchange year in China and Latin America and the Caribbean at the same time, I became the largest annual cultural event with the Latin American countries jointly organized. Havana Grand Theatre is brilliantly illuminated, All seats are occupied. Local leaders warmly welcomed Li Keqiang and his wife, together into the theater, the bilateral audience responded with warm applause, the audience rose to greet. The performance in the meaning of Chinese culture has a long history, the "golden" dance glorious and resplendent colors in a prologue. Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, dance and so on one by one debut, the artist’s superb performance not only shows the depth of Chinese traditional culture, but also the emergence of a generation of Chinese style. The Cuban artists dance, the rhythm of the song is lively, exquisite, passionate. Li Keqiang and the Cuban leader in exchange from time to time to watch the process, introduced content and related cultural background and artistic characteristics, agreed that more middle should carry out various forms of cultural and artistic activities, let the cultural exchanges become more active and colorful, so that the traditional friendship between the two countries more deeply. The classic folk song "medieval chorus girl" Guantanamo actor joining the party atmosphere to a climax, the audience and the melody rhythm applaud, stage blend ecstasy, showing vivid vitality of cultural exchanges, the middle of the moving picture show friendly. The two leaders praised the artist craft exquisite, activities that will help enhance mutual friendship and cultural exchanges between the people. In the middle of the ancient times, the performance of the literary and artistic performances of the two countries has been successfully completed in the wish of "friendship between generations and friendship.". 24, wife of Premier Li Keqiang Cheng Hong visited Osvaldo in Cuba, Minister of education, accompanied by Ms. Velasco J? Herrera technical school, teachers and students and friendly exchanges, and donated teaching equipment and supplies.相关的主题文章: