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Travel-and-Leisure Why Everyone Should Spend Their Vacation in Puerto Rico There is no doubt that the Caribbean is one of the top destinations for a holiday and one of the most popular is the island of Puerto Rico. As the largest island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico offers many things to anyone who wishes to spend a getaway in this island paradise. Along with its nice beaches and number of activities, Puerto Rico is also famous for its historical landmarks like centuries-old plantations, ancestral houses and old forts. This island is also the perfect place to escape the cold since it experiences a sunny weather all year round. In terms of facilities, hotels and other establishments in the island are well-equipped with world-class facilities, amenities and most of all service. Also, it is an attractive place for those budget-conscious tourists since Puerto Rico is cheap and affordable in general. For American tourists, Puerto Rico is very attractive since it is a US territory, making traveling just like a local destination without any visa, passport or going through the customs and immigration. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldnt book your next holiday to the Island of Enchantment of Puerto Rico. Romantic Honeymoons in Puerto Rico A tropical getaway is the perfect place for a newly married couple to spend to their much-awaited honeymoon and one of the most famous honeymoon getaways is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico vacations specifically for honeymoons have been very popular among couples especially among those .ing from North America. Unlike Hawaii, this island is very close to mainland USA and since it is a US territory, passports and visas are not necessary to enter the country. There are many resorts in the island that offer honeymoon packages from spa packages for couples, staying in a private island or beachfront villa and have a guided tour that will entice passion like a romantic dinner during sunsets and visiting scenic places. Your honeymoon in Puerto Rico will also be very relaxing as you shop in its quaint shops and stores for souvenir items or visiting centuries-old and ancient forts, plantations and houses. With all these, Puerto Rico should be on the top list for any couple who is looking for the perfect place to start their lives together. Inexpensive Vacations to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico known as The Island of Enchantment is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean specifically among American tourists. Many tourists like the Americans prefer to spend a nice getaway in Puerto Rico due to its close proximity to the US, rates are cheaper and not to mention the lovely beaches and perfect weather. Much more, Puerto Rico vacations are not limited and reserved for the affluent as you can always book a vacation to Puerto Rico for less from many travel .panies. Booking online is a big step in getting cheaper rates specifically for airfare and hotel ac.modations since one can get many offers for cheaper rates through the internet. You can also choose to travel to Puerto Rico during its off-peak season which is from November till April to take advantage of lower rates in airfare and hotels. Lastly, getting vacation packages for Puerto Rico is the surest way to enjoy cheap vacations in this wonderful island. Therefore, the lovely beaches, famous attractions and other activities in Puerto Rico are within your reach through these inexpensive vacation offers for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Vacations for the Family Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your most-awaited family vacation?Then look no further and head off to the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the perfect place to spend your family vacation as this island is gifted with a nice sunny weather, pristine beaches and other wonderful sights. Puerto Rico vacations can surely suit every familys preferences from activities to ac.modation choices that will delight those with younger or older children. Aside from the beach, there are water parks in the island while many resorts have pools for different ages for the whole family to enjoy the water and the sun in Puerto Rico. There are many kid-friendly ac.modations in Puerto Rico specifically in the capital city that have amenities and services exclusively for guests with children. Activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, fishing and hiking are great and fun for older kids to enjoy their time in Puerto Rico. Hence, this island has everything for families to have the most memorable vacation of their lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: