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The assets were frozen out salary for sellers pay   Hong Xiuzhu – Taiwan Channel – original title: KMT assets were frozen out pay Hong Xiuzhu for sellers pay the KMT Central Standing Committee of action held on 5, vice president Hao Longbin (right), exchange views on President Hong Xiuzhu and vice president Zhan Qixian. (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper") the Taiwan authorities called "improper Party committee" held the first hearing on 7 party. "Wang Taiwan comprehensive newspaper" report, in fact, the KMT is due to "property regulation", the name of the asset and cash have been frozen, nor to the bank to cash the check, September salary has been unable to send Party workers on time. Relevant sources, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu of the Cai Yingwen administration are outraged, more "spare none" unencumbered by the party workers quite sad, so going to sell your house, to assist the party through this period. The house has been in the valuation of the relevant sources said that due to the temporary freeze of the assets and cash of the KMT, there are 60 party workers less than the salary, do not know where the next meal. A few days ago, in an internal meeting chaired by Hong Xiuzhu, Hong to that person privately revealed himself as the current leader of the Kuomintang, suddenly lost economic sources of party workers, as well as the influence behind the family feel quite sad. So she intends to sell the house, now in valuation. The money will be used to pay Party salary, but also to maintain the stable morale, behind the 60 families. The party chairman Hong Xiuzhu is going to sell their house, to raise revenue for the party workers salary, KMT vice chairman Li Fuxuan line 7, said in an interview, "the first time I heard this thing, but if Hong president did, the president has said the leaders of the Taiwan region of high degree. "Party committee" condemned ridiculous Li Fuxuan said he sought consultation in the last month of 29, 30 days to deal with the Legal Advisory Department of the Bank of Yongfeng is a branch, and invite the vice general party attended the hearing testimony, but was finally declined, so a direct result of September salary cannot withdraw. Li Fuxuan said that the KMT is now paying party workers wages as the top priority, the KMT’s idea is to borrow money, but also can not let the party workers wronged". "The authorities deal with the assets of the Kuomintang has entered the stage of moral conscience," Li Fuxuan said, "but as to benevolent events" of the KMT, the DPP is large, the bank is also big, but not with benevolence, treat party staff just receive a simple salary. For the "Party committee" will not pay water as working party’s obligations, he said rather ridiculous, more can’t imagine how the law of Taiwan. The blue camp’s top supporting party funding through the adoption of KMT vice chairman Zhan Qixian said on the 7, immediately launched a series of borrowing and soliciting donations to survive, the reporter will also show written "Chinese Kuomintang political donations account account of the signs. Zhan Qixian expressed the hope that party members and comrades to support. The day before Hao Longbin is put forward and the party office party senior District adopt the local party party workers wages and transport)相关的主题文章: