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JINGWAH times: the rule of law protection of human rights aimed at "the shortest board" – View – people.com.cn original title: the rule of law to protect human rights aimed at "the view of the shortest board" under the rule of law, the "bad guys" enjoy the same legal unalienable rights, respect for and protection of the rights, reflects a national human rights the level of protection. The "national human rights action plan (2016-2020)" released on 29, from the protection of economic, social and cultural rights, protection of civil rights and political rights according to law, to fully protect the rights of specific groups, human rights education and in-depth research, and actively participate in international human rights work and other aspects, to determine the objectives, tasks and specific measures in the next 5 years promote the development of human rights. This is China’s third national human rights action plan since 2009. From color to talk about human rights respecting and safeguarding human rights into the constitution, the protection of human rights Chinese remarkable progress. In order to meet the needs of the development of human rights under the new situation, the outstanding problem oriented action plans to respond to social concerns, the precise poverty, property rights, the reform of the household registration system included, reflects the new requirements of the times of the protection of human rights. For ordinary people, this is a declaration of the rights of citizens to honor; for the government, this is a practice of human rights protection responsibilities of the book. In some areas of human rights action plan, some specific groups of rights protection is more worthy of attention. Vulnerable groups such as in need of special care, and under the strong power of the state prosecution of criminal suspects and defendants or criminals, the level of protection of the rights of them, often constitute the entire national human rights protection "short board", has become the touchstone of the rule of law "". In particular, those who are in custody, often by law enforcement agencies and the public as a bad man, and its due rights can not be guaranteed. From the perspective of the rule of law, the "bad guys" also enjoy the inalienable rights of the law, and the respect and protection of such rights can better reflect the level of protection of human rights in a country. A few years ago, due to the judicial practice in the period of detention, inquisition by torture, miscarriages of justice is more serious, especially in places of detention of suspects of non normal deaths, was governed by the rule of law in China the level of human rights protection, and even become the western countries to attack China’s human rights issues "excuse". Before the human rights action plan based on that curb the inquisition by torture, the human rights action plan put forward, the method will be developed to enhance the level of legislation to guarantee the rights of detainees, improve the supporting laws and regulations. It is not only the name and legislative level, but also the respect and protection of the rights of the detainees in the detention center, which is the change of the legislative concept. Human rights are the basic value and basic goal of the rule of law, and the rule of law is the fundamental guarantee of human rights. In order to better protect the rights of all kinds of people who have been limited to personal freedom, and prevent the damage caused by law enforcement rights, we must take the road of rule of law, to provide a strong legal guarantee for the protection of human rights. It is gratifying to note that the human rights action plan is at the discretion of the people’s Republic of China on the norms of civil law enforcement and judicial acts相关的主题文章: